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Improving Your Verizon Jetpack & MiFi Mobile Hotspot: Signal Booster Guide

Improving Your Verizon Jetpack & MiFi Mobile Hotspot: Signal Booster Guide

Samples of MiFi and Jetpack Verizon devices

Two Verizon Jetpack units

Today's smart devices bring us loads of benefits to enjoy life at its best. However, the growing number of telecommunication devices facilitating our lives can be overwhelming. For instance, have you heard about Verizon Jetpacks? If so: do you know how they work? Engaging with product information is helpful to avoid unexpected experiences and get the most of our technologies at home. We've sorted this out for you. Find out here what a jetpack is and how you can use it like a pro!

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What is the difference between a Verizon Jetpack and MiFi?

The main difference is that "Jetpack" is a brand name given by Verizon to a mobile hotspot, whereas a MiFi device is a brand name given by Inseego Corporation to the same type of device, even though they are also sold by Verizon. However, from a user's point of view, there are more common features than differences.

Basically, in terms of technology experience, both MiFis and Jetpacks are 4G LTE internet devices that provide Wi-Fi connections through the use of cellular connection, which is excellent for people in areas where landline internet service is limited or for those who are always on the go.

How do MiFi and Jetpacks work?

Verizon Jetpacks and MiFi devices are basically cell phones without the functionality. They pull in cellular signals from the nearest source then become a portable Wi-Fi router for smartphones, tablets, computers and notebooks -and yes, even gaming devices!-.

Most Verizon MiFi and Jetpack devices grant internet access up to 10 appliances at a time. The access depends on the signal quality where you're located, and the technical characteristics of the mobile hotspot you're using. The exact capacity of internet access can be confirmed in the manufacturer's manual.

Imagine you're heading to a business meeting far away from the office or store, and commuting is time-consuming. Besides your daily takeaway cappuccino, high-speed internet can make the journey more efficient. Just so that you can be up to date with colleagues and clients.

How about living in the countryside, where landline internet is not part of the rural experience? There are plenty of situations that make a mobile network vital. That's what these Verizon Hotspot devices are for, to make life easier for those with difficult connectivity.

What accessories can improve Verizon MiFi and Jetpack devices?

Along with the convenience that Verizon Hotspot appliances bring to our everyday life, there’s another element to consider. In order to ensure proper performance, we need exceptional, reliable cellular signal.

Since Verizon MiFi and Jetpack devices work as cell phones do, their network is fed from the nearest cell tower, hence why long distances and dense areas like buildings or valleys can reduce the coverage. That's when a signal booster comes in: to sort out the weak signal. Our full range of products can boost cell signal to ensure a reliable WiFi signal through your Jetpack.

We have prepared a list of solutions which strengthen the celluar signal reaching your Verizon Jetpack and MiFi appliances. We’ve tried to make it easy to choose the right one tailored to your current needs.

For Homes

Cel-Fi DUO+ Smart Signal Booster

  • Best option. Works under nearly any circumstances for Verizon.
  • Boosts Verizon signal for Jetpack up to +100 dB
  • Works in any size home or apartment - plug and play install

A tremendous performer in all scenarios, the Cel-Fi DUO+ Verizon signal booster is your best best for getting strong, reliable Verizon signal for your Jetpack. This unit is a simple plug-and-play booster, where installation is as easy as locating the area in your home with strongest cellular signal, plugging in one of the components, and placing the transmitter in the area where signal is weakest.

Its price tag is a bit higher than some multi-band boosters, but make no mistake: this booster provides an enormous amount of Verizon coverage for the cost. Only consider this for a midsize home and above, however - in apartments, this is difficult to make work without oscillation, leading to dramatically reduced performance.

Cel-Fi GO-X

  • For large homes or very weak signal areas.
  • Long-term investment - Can change carrier boosted if you decide to change carriers, keeping your booster relevant

The Cel-Fi GO-X is the most powerful consumer single-carrier signal booster on the market, and absolutely will cover a large home or weak signal area with strong Verizon goodness.

In addition to being more powerful than the DUO+, the GO-X also provides flexibility. Should you decide to leave Verizon for another carrier, you can change which carrier receives a boost with the Cel-Fi WAVE app.

weBoost Home MultiRoom

  • Boosts signal across all carriers up to +65 dB
  • Cheaper and more versatile than Cel-Fi DUO+, but less powerful.

While not as powerful as the single-carrier options, the weBoost Home MultiRoom provides a solid, relatively inexpensive option for getting reliable Verizon signal. It has a few advantages over the Cel-Fi units, namely an aesthetically pleasing look built for home decor, and the ability to boost the signal of all major North American carriers simultaneously. It works well if you frequently entertain, as you and all your guests will receive boosted signal as opposed to just Verizon.

For Vehicles

Cel-Fi GO-M

  • Most powerful single-carrier signal boosters for vehicles
  • Boosts up to +100 dB for Verizon with carrier switching available

weBoost Drive Reach

  • Versatile vehicle unit with long range
  • Great for weak signal areas

See? It's easy to see the difference between Verizon MiFi and Verizon Jetpacks: it's just the trademarks. They're separate devices that provide internet access to your smartphone, laptop, or tablet, and use mobile networks to make it possible. If you want to have high-quality reception, count on our expert team who will find the perfect booster for you.

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24th Sep 2019

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