Poor Cell Signal Affecting Your Business?

We provide custom end to end installation of signal booster systems for businesses.

Our standardized approach eliminates dropped calls, undelivered emails, texts, and slow data from your building.

Professional Cell Booster Installation for Businesses

Consultation with
a Signal Expert
Site Survey to Understand Why You Have Weak Signal
An Optimized Design Tailored to Your Needs
Our Safe,
Professional Installation

Professional Services We Offer

  • Consult with an expert
  • Arrange the best time
  • Travel to your site
  • Perform comprehensive site walk
  • Provide recommendation
  • Total floor plan analysis
  • Inputting of required data
  • Optimizing system per your specifications
  • Prediction reports on design performance
  • Ability to share results with iBwave viewer
  • Everything from previous two steps
  • Equipment delivery and setup
  • Wall-to-wall integration of specified design
  • Extensive real-world testing of system
  • Walkthrough to ensure proper installation

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Up to 2-3 years warranty on equipment
Lifetime technical support
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Questions Our Customers Often Ask

We do have boosters that cover the most current 5G bands. All our boosters are 5G ready, meaning they will continue to function even when 5G rolls out on a larger scale. Several of our systems also have software updates planned that will automatically incorporate the 5G spectrum to their coverage.

A signal booster works by capturing existing signal, amplifying it, and rebroadcasting it within a confined space (not outdoors), so as long as they’re capable of enhancing it, they can.

Most of our systems are multi-carrier, which means they cover the full range of North American cellular carriers simultaneously. The only exceptions to this rule are certain Cel-Fi products, such as the GO-X and QUATRA 1000 and 2000 systems, which boost single, single, and dual carriers respectively. Generally, people use these systems if they have an exclusivity deal with a carrier, or if they’re wanting to buy more than one.

With all our systems, your users (regardless of carrier) will see a marked improvement to their call quality and data speeds without having to do a thing. They might not even know a booster exists in their workspace.

The number of devices can make use of the better cell signal provided by our system depends on the power of the booster. As a general rule, if you buy a commercial system, you should not have to worry much about capacity.

A major cause of poor signal is building material. We strongly recommend a system design before making any major equipment purchases, as our expert team of designers are well-versed in signal loss from internal obstructions.

Most homes are not very large and have specific areas they want to have great signal. Commercial installations can sprawl, with some being millions of square feet. They’re significantly more complicated in terms of layout and internal building material, and frequently have issues with signal-to-noise ratio in busier areas.

In other words, commercial installation is several orders of magnitude more complicated than a residential install, and requires a professional to get it done right. No one in our industry has more experience than the team at designing, installing, and integrating cellular systems in a commercial space.

That depends greatly on the power of the system. Certain systems can deploy a massive 16, while most are more modest at around 4. The more antennas you add to a system, the less effective each becomes as you introduce an element of loss when you split the signal. However, the advantage of more antennas means more complex coverage and allows you to navigate around internal obstructions - one of the major causes of your poor signal.

In short, if you need lots of antennas, make sure to get a more powerful booster.

A site survey allows our professional team onto your site, where we perform a site walk with the latest equipment for determining powerful signal. This includes dB levels, SNR, wave patterns, and more.

This also allows our team to get a feel for the layout of your building(s), determining optimal routes for running cable and figuring out what building material may pose challenges for a successful installation.

We offer 2-3 year warranties on all our systems, a year on all labor, and lifetime technical support. Should your system require maintenance, we also are able to come back to your site and make any necessary adjustments or changes to make sure it’s working as optimally as possible.

We also guarantee the professionalism of our employees, and will schedule their visit based on what works for you. The installation itself will be conducted in such a manner as to not inconvenience your normal operation.

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