iBwave Enterprise System
Design Services

Getting a professional design for your commercial cell phone signal booster or commercial DAS project can massively increase its efficiency and save thousands of dollars. It is the first step needed to improve wireless frequency coverage in your buildings.

Our expert designers make use of iBwave design software to produce incredibly accurate figures to provide you with perfect performance and the signal your business needs. Request Services

*Special Offer Get an optimized design completely FREE with equipment purchase
Coverage Area:
Up to 75,000 sq. ft.
System Design Only
With Equipment Purchase*
Coverage Area:
75,000 - 150,000 sq. ft.
System Design Only
With Equipment Purchase*
Coverage Area:
Over 150,000 sq. ft.
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iBwave System Design Service Includes:
Free, one-on-one consultation with an iBwave certified system designer, floor-plan review & analysis, industry-leading iBwave and antenna placement design, with equipment recommendations and detailed estimates.
Our Design Expert’s Take

Every building’s make-up and macro coverage is unique. It is paramount to run simulations of your project to better understand how coverage will propagate. Configuring a correct solution set, with real surveyance of spectrum data, is the first step to a successful implementation.

David Cifuentes, RF & iBwave Design Expert

Our System Design Process

Typical turnaround time: 3-4 days.

Every system design is unique and requires individual attention. The process we follow is designed to give your project the attention it needs to get the best results possible.

Step One: Consultation
We receive information, such as floor plans, specific details, and existing signal readings. We walk you through how to obtain the most accurate readings possible.
Step Two: Floor Plan Analysis
Our experts analyze your floor plan and existing outside signal, with the constraints and information provided.
Step Three: Timeline and Estimates
Discuss the specifics of the project, including timelines, equipment requirements, and provide an estimate
Step Four: System Design
Create heat propagation map under discussed conditions, with realistic testing and different varieties of design for an optimized system.
Step Five: Deliverables
Once completed, the project is submitted back to you. With equipment purchase, your design fee is refunded.
Cellular amplifiers are dependent on outside signal. We will work within our abilities to give you the best system design possible with limited to no signal outside your building.

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