Signal Booster Installation

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SureCall has been the first-to-market pioneer of innovative cell phone boosters since 2001. Featuring industry-leading technology and built to the highest standard, SureCall’s US-designed and tested products dramatically improve cellular coverage. They’ve obtained several awards, proving their dedication to quality.

For optimal results, proper installation is essential. Our Bolton Install Pros team are certified SureCall Installers. They’ll ensure you get the strongest signal and widest coverage possible.

Get Better Cellular Reception in Your Office, Enterprise, or Commercial Space

Our expert installation team, Bolton Install Pros, has greatly improved signal in millions of sq. ft. for every type of space under the sun.

Our Surecall Installation Process

Every SureCall installation is unique and requires individual attention. The process we follow is designed to give your project the attention it needs to get the best results possible.

Step One: Site Survey
We receive information, such as floor plans, specific details, and existing signal readings. We walk you through how to obtain the most accurate readings possible.
Step Two: Customized SureCall Design
Our experts will review site survey information and build a custom SureCall system tailored to your needs.
Step Three: SureCall System Proposal
We’ll provide you with a proposal outlining SureCall equipment recommendations, cost, and deployment plans for your approval.
Step Four: Professional Installation
Our certified installers will travel to your location and install your custom SureCall system.
Step Five: Site Walk
Quick site walk and optimizations. Configuration of our SureCall Cloud Remote Monitoring service.
Cellular amplifiers are dependent on outside signal. We will work within our abilities to give you the best system design possible with limited to no signal outside your building.

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