Poynting PUCK WiFi/GPS/5G/4G LTE Vehicular & IoT/M2M Antenna

SKU: PY-PUCK-0001-V1-01

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Poynting PUCK WiFi/GPS/5G/4G LTE Vehicular & IoT/M2M Antenna - Hero
  • 5G, LTE, 2X2 or 4X4 MIMO, WiFi or GPS
  • Boosts cellular or WiFi signal depending on model
  • Broadcasts WiFi depending on model
  • Robust, vandal-resistant, and waterproof IP-69K enclosure
  • Easy installation
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Poynting PUCK WiFi/GPS/5G/4G LTE Vehicular & IoT/M2M Antenna

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2X2 or 4X4 MIMO, WiFi, GPS, and GLONASS*

The Poynting PUCK antenna range offers a variety of ways to connect. Choose between 2X2 or 4X4 MIMO (multi-input, multi-output) for ultra-fast upload and download speeds. Dual-band Wi-Fi, 2.4 GHz, and 5 GHz frequency bands offer connection on both bands at the same time.

*GPS Model Shown

Uniquely Designed, High Performance

The PUCK series has been designed with careful attention to detail. These neat little antennas achieve a superb balance between omnidirectionality, pattern diversity, and good radiation capabilities thanks to complex radiation patterns.

Tough Exterior for Any Application

The IP-69 K-rated exterior allows the PUCK series to be mounted anywhere. Perfect for IoT and M2M applications like agricultural vehicles, ATMs, smart meters, smart utilities, transportation, and marine use.

Choose a PUCK Antenna to Suit Your Situation.

  • PUCK-0001-V1-01 - Black - SISO - Cellular
  • PUCK-0001-V1-01 - White - SISO - Cellular
  • PUCK-0002-V1-01 - Black - 2X2 MIMO - 2X2 Cellular
  • PUCK-0002-V1-01 - White - 2X2 MIMO - 2X2 Cellular
  • PUCK-0003-V1-01 - Black - SISO - WiFi/Cellular/GPS
  • PUCK-0004-V1-01 - Black - 2X2 MIMO - 2X2 Cellular/GPS
  • PUCK-0005-V1-01 - Black - 2X2 MIMO - 2X2 Cellular/GPS
  • PUCK-0005-V1-01 - White - 2X2 MIMO - 2X2 Cellular/GPS
  • PUCK-0012-V1-01 - Black - WiFi - 2X2 WiFi
  • PUCK-0012-V1-01 - White - WiFi - 2X2 WiFi
  • GPS-0001-V2-01 - Black - GPS - GPS/GLONASS
  • PUCK Comparison Table
    Max Gain 6 dBi 6 dBi 7.5 dBi 6 dBi 6 dBi 7.5 dBi 21 dBi
    Frequency 617-4200 MHz 617-4200 MHz 617-4200 MHz 617-4200 MHz 617-4200 MHz 2400-6000 MHz 1575.42-1600 MHz
    Color Black/White Black/White Black Black Black/White Black/White Black
    Output SISO 2x2 MIMO SISO 2x2 MIMO 2x2 MIMO 2x2 MIMO SISO
    Type LTE 2X2 LTE WiFi / LTE / GPS 2X2 LTE / GPS 2X2 LTE / 2X2 WiFi GPS 2X2 WiFi GPS / GLONASS
    Product Details

    Poynting's new PUCK line is a small, robust set of antennas perfect for IoT/M2M, Smart Meters, Smart Utilities, Transportation, Marine, and Agricultural/Farming markets. The various PUCK options offer LTE, 4G, 5G, 2X2 MIMO, 4X4 MIMO, WiFi, GPS, and GLONASS. Choose your favorite PUCK to suit your situation. Black and white versions are available.

    All PUCKS offer excellent performance even at high frequencies. They are weatherproof, dustproof, and vandal resistant. Great radiation pattern ensures constant connectivity. If you are looking for a rugged, high-performance transportation, IoT, or M2M antenna that beats out the competition, you need a PUCK.

    • 5G, LTE, WiFi and GPS
    • High performance at high frequencies
    • Omnidirectional for easy installation
    • Small, lightweight, and hardy
    • Weather, dust, and vandal resistant
    • Greatly enhance M2M, IoT, and transportation communications
    Who is it for?
    • IoT
    • M2M
    • RVs and Caravans
    • Transportation such as busses, boats, and trains
    What's in the box?
    • Poynting PUCK Antenna
    • Mounting Hardware

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