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With a global presence and high-quality products, Bolton Technical has quickly risen to become a star in the telecommunications industry. With innovative cellular, internet, and IoT solutions, Bolton’s products and services have applications in any industry, home, or vehicle.

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Bolton Victory Home Signal Boosters

Victory Yagi/Panel
Victory Omni/Panel

Bolton Victory Yagi/Panel

Bolton Victory Yagi/Panel

The Bolton Victory Signal booster offers up to +72 dB gain depending on outside conditions. Kitted with the highest-quality Bolton accessories, the Victory can cover up to 4,000 sq ft under best conditions, with 2,000 being most common and around 1,000 for those with extremely weak outdoor signal.

The outdoor Quicksilver Yagi antenna by Bolton Technical is one of the best on the market. Its impressive +11 dBi of gain ensures that it draws in signal from towers up to 5 miles away.

Boosts 4G LTE 5G
  • ALL carriers
  • ALL phones
  • Bolton Velocity Vehicle Signal Boosters

    Velocity Vehicle
    Velocity Trucker
    Velocity Off-Road

    Bolton Velocity Vehicle Kit

    Bolton Velocity Vehicle Kit

    The Bolton Velocity vehicle cellular booster has a maximum gain of +50 dB. This is the most allowed by the FCC in the US. The Velocity boosts 4G LTE cellular voice and data for every carrier (Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, and more), with 5G data covering low-band Verizon and AT&T.

    The outdoor Mighty Mag antenna by Bolton Technical stands only 4 inches tall and has a super powerful magnet mount base. It offers up to 3.1 dBi gain, drawing in even a weak 4G signal. It is discreet enough for your everyday ride, and powerful enough to keep you connected even in challenging signal areas.

    Boosts 4G LTE 5G
  • ALL carriers
  • ALL phones
  • Bolton Blazer Cellular Routers

    Blazer MAX
    Blazer PRO

    The Bolton Blazer

    The Long Ranger

    The Bolton Technical Blazer is a compact but powerful cellular router that provides high-speed 4G LTE internet connection via WiFi and Ethernet for homes, offices, and vehicles. Equipped with a CAT 6 modem, the Blazer offers downlink speeds of 300 Mbps and uplink speeds of 50 Mbps, making it fast enough to connect up to 120 devices. With features such as wireless failover, SD-WAN capability, multiple VPNs, and customizable antennas, the Blazer is a reliable and affordable alternative to traditional fiber internet.

    300 Mbps Downlink 50 Mbps Uplink
  • CAT 6
  • 2X2 MIMO
  • Bolton Portable Signal Units

    weBoost Edition
    Nextivity Edition
    SureCall Edition

    Portable Signal Unit
    weBoost Edition

    Portable Signal Unit weBoost Edition

    This weBoost Edition of the revolutionary Bolton Technical Portable Signal Unit (PSU) is a wideband, complete cellular and WiFi package. It pairs the weBoost Home Room cell signal booster and Peplink BR1 Mini CAT7 Cellular Router to provide crisp cellular and up to 300 Mbps of download. The PSU can be plugged in for long-term use or powered for up to 18 hours by the included lithium batteries.

    The PSU is available in different versions to fit any situation. This is the weBoost edition, including a weBoost Home Room system. The Home Room provides up to +60 dB of gain across all cellular frequencies simultaneously.

    Up To +60db gain Portable Signal
  • Multiple Configurations Available
  • Bolton Outdoor Cellular Antennas

    Long Ranger
    All 'Rounder
    Outdoor Board

    The Long Ranger

    $219.99 $199.99
    The Long Ranger

    The Long Ranger is Bolton’s flagship antenna, the big kahuna, and it’s easy to see why. Larger than any other antenna we sell, The Long Ranger is a log-periodic grid antenna with a range of over 10 miles. This, coupled with its absurd maximum gain of +28 dBi, makes it our top antenna recommendation for extremely weak signal areas. If you can’t hunt down usable signal with The Long Ranger, then it doesn’t exist. It works for any celllular carrier you might throw at it. All that, and it’s 5G capable, too.

    Up To +28db gain Parabolic Design
  • ALL Carriers
  • ALL Device Types
  • Bolton Indoor Cellular Antennas

    The Cowboy
    The Rondo
    The Indoor Board

    The Cowboy

    The Long Ranger

    The Cowboy is an omnidirectional inside antenna for cellular signal boosters. It’s designed to be hung from low-lying ceilings, such as office drop tile, and propagate amplified cellular signal in a 360-degree radius. Best used in wide open spaces, it’s got up to +5.1 dBi of gain, and if you’ve got a 5G capable donor antenna and signal booster, the 5G version of The Cowboy can handle that, too.

    Up To +5.1db gain 3G & 4G Omni directional
  • ALL Carriers
  • ALL Device Types
  • Coaxial Cables



    Starting at $.75 per ft.
    The Long Ranger

    Bolton’s 240-spec low-loss coaxial cable is the most flexible of Bolton’s cable offerings, making it ideal for complex cable runs. It achieves this flexibility by sacrificing thickness, which explains its loss per 100 feet rating of 9 dB. This CL3 rated, 300-volt cable can transmit any kind of RF signal reliably and across long distances.

    Ultra-low loss black coaxial cable carries up to 300 volts

    Bolton Technical Signal Booster Accessories

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    Outdoor / Donor Antenna Mounts

    10" J Pole Mount

    The Long Ranger

    It’s a simple mount you can place on your roof and mount an antenna to. A sleek, yet elegant option, at Bolton they don’t believe it should cost an arm and a leg to get your antenna where it needs to be. Will work for any Bolton antenna save The Long Ranger.

    Wall mount, u bracket Designed for mounting outdoor antennas

    Lightning Surge Protectors

    Bolton Lightning Surge Protectors

    The Long Ranger

    Bolton Technical’s line of Lightning Surge Protectors can be placed in-line on any RF system to protect them from lightning surges. These devices come in 50- and 75-ohm varieties and are sold at lower prices than their competition, making them the no-brainer option when buying an LSP.

    Frequency range up to 3 GHz 50 & 75 ohm versions