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About Signal Boosters

When our company was founded in 2011, the world was a different place. 3G was all the rage, with smartphones just starting to be in everyone’s pockets. Our founder saw where the world was heading: complete, 24-hour connectivity would no longer be a luxury, but a requirement.

Now, with 5G and the Internet of Things promising smart cities and faster data than ever before, our mission to provide you with reliable signal is more important than ever. For business or personal use, everyone deserves reliable signal.

That’s where we come in. We can connect you with the best brands in the world of signal boosting, whether that’s cellular, internet, or IoT. We’ll have your smartphones, hotspots, WiFi routers, and LoRaWAN systems working better than ever. Fast, reliable data. Dropped calls a thing of the past. Just the way it should be.


People, Just Like You

Our US-based team of signal enthusiasts is always available during the week to iron out any issues you might be having or for a chat. Our in-house installation team can provide free, one-on-one consultation for full cellular, internet, or IoT installation for facilities over 25,000 square feet.

US Based Houston, Texas
In House Installation Team
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One-on-One Consultation

Our Leadership Team

Sadruddin Currimbhoy
Chief Executive Officer
Andrew Hansen
Chief Operating Officer
John Montgommery
Chief Financial Officer
Ali Lalani
Financial Consultant
Chris Hatton
VP of Technology/Operations
Zain Majin
VP of Sales
Ahsan Currinbhoy
Demand Generation Manager
Justin Magyar
Installation Project Manager
Beth Gullett
Sr. Digital Marketing Manager
Alejandra Jasso
Sr. Copywriter
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    Up to 3 years warranty on equipment
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    Lifetime Technical Support
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