Best iPhone Signal Boosters to Have in 2024

Best iPhone Signal Boosters to Have in 2024

Written By Alejandra Jasso
23rd May 2024

Boost Your iPhone Signal

iPhones are arguably the most popular mobile phone brand in the US. As of April 2024, there are just under a whopping 150 million active iPhone units, taking up 27.95% of the market share across the 50 states. That's all very well, but if your iPhone can’t get cell reception, then it's about as useful as a paperweight.

So, if you find yourself struggling to maintain calls, send texts, or use your data, an iPhone signal booster is exactly what you need. Whether at home, in the office, or on the go, they are your best bet at strengthening your connection where it matters. In this guide, we’ll cover why your iPhone has a bad connection and go over the best iPhone signal booster recommendations.

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Why Does My iPhone Have Bad Signal?

Cell phone signals, similar to radio waves (the AM/FM kind), can be weakened by various factors before reaching cellular devices. Here are a few reasons why your iPhone may have poor reception:

  • Heavy Cellular Traffic: Heavy usage by a large number of users in your area can lead to slow data speeds and dropped calls.
  • Cell Tower Distance: The farther you are from a cell tower, the weaker the signal strength you'll receive. You can use this guide to find your nearest cell tower.
  • Building Materials: Walls and roofing made of metal, concrete, or low-emissivity glass can significantly block cell signals, reducing indoor coverage. Visit Materials that Hurt Cell Reception for a complete list.
  • Natural Barriers: Mountains, hills, and even dense trees can weaken signal strength and hinder your iPhone's reception.
  • Weather Conditions: Rain, humidity, and lightning can decrease iPhone reception.
  • Interference: Other electronic devices in your vicinity, overlapping signals from nearby towers, and electrical interference can disrupt your iPhone's ability to connect clearly.

Just How Poor Is My iPhone's Signal?

Signal bars do not paint an accurate picture of your connection strength. What is 1 bar or dot on Verizon might be 3 bars on AT&T, 2 or full bars on T-Mobile despite receiving the exact same signal and downloading and uploading at the exact same speeds. Each carrier has its own interpretation.

A more accurate way to gauge signal strength is by looking at decibel-milliwatts (dBm). Cell phone signals, like radio waves, are measured in dBm, typically ranging from -50 dBm to -120 dBm. The closer you are to 0, the better your connection.

Signal Strength General Results
-50 to -79 dBm Considered great signal (4 to 5 bars)
-80 to -89 dBm Considered good signal (4 to 5 bars)
-90 to -99 dBm Considered average signal (2 to 3 bars)
-100 to -109 dBm Considered poor signal (1 to 2 bars)
-110 to -120 dBm Considered very poor signal (0 to 1 bar)

Visit our guide on how to measure signal strength, to find your dBm.

How to Boost iPhone Signal

90% of Americans own a cell phone and 72% of them experience frequent dropped calls and disconnected service. Doesn't matter if you own an older or the latest iPhone model, it’s frustratingly common. Just as a car needs gas to run, a strong signal is essential for a smooth mobile experience.

There are several things you can try to boost your iPhone signal, such as:

  1. Toggle Airplane Mode
  2. Try WiFi Calling
  3. Update Your iPhone's iOS and Carrier Settings
  4. Remove Your iPhone Case
  5. Switch to 4G Only
  6. Change Carriers
  7. Upgrade Your iPhone

However, those troubleshooting tips usually provide temporary fixes. The best way to actually boost your iPhone signal is with a cell phone signal booster. They are crafted to take your outside cell signal, even if weak, amplify it, and rebroadcast it inside. Your iPhone will automatically pick up a more reliable signal, keeping you connected for work or play. Here are our best iPhone signal booster recommendations:

Best iPhone Signal Boosters for Homes

Bolton Victory Yagi/Panel

  • For Small to Medium Size Homes and Offices
  • Covers Up to 4,000 Sq Ft
  • Up to +72 dB Gain
  • Up to 26 dBm Uplink Power
  • Supports All Carriers Simultaneously

The Bolton Victory Yagi/Panel cellular booster is our top pick for boosting iPhone signal. It delivers up to 4,000 sq ft of enhanced signal strength under ideal conditions, making it a great choice for most people. With up to 26 dBm uplink and max gain of 72 dB, the Victory Yagi/Panel can significantly amplify even faint cellular signals, noticeably improving iPhone reception.

distance becomes a non-issue. The antenna is designed to pull in signals from cell towers up to 5 miles away, ensuring a strong connection even in remote locations. If you prefer an omnidirectional outdoor antenna, consider the Bolton Velocity Omni/Panel Cellular Signal Booster.

Nextivity Cel-Fi GO X

  • For Large Homes and Offices
  • Covers Up to 15,000 Sq Ft
  • Up to +100 dB Gain
  • Amplifies One Carrier at a Time

The GO X by Nextivity is the most powerful single-carrier signal booster for iPhone available. Boasting a massive 100 dB gain, it can seriously make all your iPhone signal woes disappear. While it prioritizes one carrier at a time, you can conveniently switch between carriers as you need via the Cel-Fi WAVE app.

No matter where you are, the GO X offers customizable antenna options to maximize reach. Connect with cell towers located up to 5 miles away with the Quicksilver Yagi, up to 10 miles away with the Arrow, or up to 20 miles away with the Long Ranger. This makes the GO X a great option if you live remotely and need a better signal for your iPhone in your home.

Rated to cover up to 15,000 sq ft, it's best for large homes and small businesses. Indoor coverage will vary based on the strength of your outside signal.

SureCall Flare 3.0

  • For Small Homes or Spot Coverage
  • Covers Up to 3,000 Sq Ft
  • Up to +72 dB Gain
  • Up to 26 dBm Uplink
  • Supports All Carriers Simultaneously
  • 2-in-1 Amplifier/Indoor Antenna Combo for Ease of Installation

On a budget but still looking to boost your iPhone's signal? The SureCall Flare 3.0 cellular booster packs a signal punch for the price. It includes a Yagi antenna, which is ideal for rural areas, and a sleek amplifier. The indoor antenna is built into the amplifier, making the Flare 3.0 one of the easiest units to install yourself.

With a 72 dB gain and 26 dBm uplink power, the Flare 3.0 can significantly improve your iPhone's signal in up to 3,000 sq ft.

weBoost Home MultiRoom

  • For Small to Medium Size Homes and Offices
  • Covers Up to 5,000 Sq Ft
  • Up to +65 dB Gain
  • Tool-Free Installation
  • Supports All Carriers

The weBoost Home MultiRoom is a strong performer in rural and urban areas. With up to 65 dB gain and high output power, it excels at improving cellular coverage throughout small to medium homes, reaching up to 5,000 sq ft under ideal conditions. What’s more, it features a tool-free installation, making it super simple to set up.

Best iPhone Signal Boosters for Office Spaces

weBoost for Business Office 200

  • Up to 10,000 Sq Ft Coverage
  • Up to +72 dB Gain
  • Up to 24 dBm Uplink Power
  • Customizable
  • Works with All US Carriers
  • Comes in 50 Ohm or 75 Ohm

The weBoost Office 200transforms small businesses with strong, dependable connectivity. It covers up to 10,000 sq ft, keeping everybody in your building reliably connected for smooth operation.

There are two versions of the Office 200. The yagi/panel option performs best in weak signal areas while the omni/dome kit is best for strong signal areas. Both require DIY installations. If you prefer a professionally installed unit, consider the weBoost Installed Office 200.

Best iPhone Signal Boosters for Vehicles

Bolton Technical Velocity Vehicle

  • For Everyday Vehicles
  • Up to +50 dBi Gain
  • Includes Mighty Mount Outdoor Antenna
  • Boost 4G LTE signal and 5G Ready
  • Simple Installation
  • Works with All North American Carriers

The Velocity Vehicle cellular signal booster gets you better reception in your car anywhere on the road. This kit will boost 4G and 5G cellular voice and data for every carrier. It is designed for all vehicles, from hatchbacks to minivans to pickups.

This particular model comes with a magnet mount antenna, making it ideal for your everyday cars, SUVs, and trucks. Installation is a breeze. For semis and heavier-duty trucks, consider the Velocity Trucker. It includes a tough OTR outside antenna featuring great reach, heavy-duty construction, and whistle-free wrap.

weBoost Drive Reach RV

  • 4G LTE Coverage for Entire RVs
  • Supports All Cellular Devices & US Carriers
  • Complete Kit, Easy Install
  • Up to 50 dB Gain
  • Up to 29.5 dBm Uplink Output

The weBoost Drive Reach RV is weBoost’s most powerful multi-carrier mobile RV booster. It offers up to +50 dB gain, as well as increased output powers of up to +28.7 dBm uplink and +5.1 dBm downlink. When compared to others in its class, the Drive Reach RV could reach cell towers located twice as far and deliver twice the signal strength due to its powerful amplification abilities. It’s definitely a no-brainer for those who want better iPhone reception while driving through the most rural of roads or parked in the most rural of campsites.

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How Does an iPhone Signal Booster Work, Exactly?

Signal boosters for iPhone get you better signals via three components:

  1. Outside Antenna: This acts as a receiver, capturing the faint cellular signal from the nearest cell tower.
  2. Amplifier (or Repeater): This component uses patented technology to amplify the captured weak signal, significantly boosting its strength.
  3. Inside Antenna: Once amplified, the signal is rebroadcast by the inside antenna, blanketing your desired area (home or office) with a stronger cellular signal. This means more bars on your iPhone and a more reliable connection.

Simply put, if there is any outside signal, a booster will amplify that signal and broadcast it throughout your home or office. The two main caveats are that it must be indoors, and there must be at least a sliver of signal outside. We wrote a comprehensive blog on how a signal booster works if you'd like a more detailed explanation, but if not, know that they will improve the reliability of your iPhone's signal.

What Are the Benefits of an iPhone Signal Booster?

The obvious benefit of installing a cellular amplifier is better reception. Aside from that, you will enjoy a whole bunch of extra advantages:

  • Eliminates Dropped Calls
  • Crystal Clear Voice Quality
  • Quickly Delivered Texts
  • Faster Uploads & Downloads (Streaming)
  • Reliable Connection
  • Improved Reception
  • Wider Coverage
  • Reduced Dead Zones
  • More Bars
  • Longer Battery Life

Can iPhone Signal Boosters Boost 5G Signals?

The majority of our cell phone signal boosters can boost some 5G frequencies, specifically low-band 5G. The SureCall SpeedLink 5G is the only booster we offer that enhances mid-band 5G, which provides greater speeds, lower latency, and higher capacity.

Do iPhone Cell Signal Boosters Work?

Yes. As long as there is a sliver of cellular signal outside, FCC-approved cell signal boosters really work. Read our case studies for real-world results.

Can a Cell Phone Booster Sticker or Apps Help Boost iPhone Signal?


We’ve tested cell phone signal booster stickers, and they do not work. As far as booster apps go, they do not actually boost signal. They can help smooth out performance making it appear as if your signal is stronger.

To actually boost your iPhone’s connection, we recommend a cell phone signal booster.

Will the Secret *3370# Code Boost My iPhone Signal?

The rumor goes that if you type *3370# or #3370# into your iPhone’s keypad your signal will improve. Unfortunately, it is just that, a rumor. There are no secret codes that magically improve cell reception. The rumored codes are number sequences used to activate Enhanced Full Rate Codec for better sound quality on Nokia devices.

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