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Why Cell Phone Signal Boosters Cannot Work Outdoors

Why Cell Phone Signal Boosters Cannot Work Outdoors

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10th Jan 2020
Why Cellular Signal Boosters Cannot Work Outdoors

Why Can’t I Use my Cell Phone Signal Booster Outside?

Cellular technology is often an integral part of how we live and work. Having a great cellular signal may make the difference between getting things done and watching the spinning loading wheel for hours on end. You want instant gratification. You want information right now. You do not want delays in downloads or uploads. You want to talk to someone real time with no static and no dropped calls. Depending on where you have chosen to live or work and the infrastructure of technology in your area, your cell signal may be weak or strong.

Many things can prevent cellular signals from being optimal. If you are far from the provider’s tower, the signal becomes weaker. Signal can also depend on which side of the hill you are on and how many man-made or natural obstacles are in the way. The materials a building is made of such as the type of glass in the windows, how heavily insulated the walls are, or cement or metal frame construction can all cause interference. A large brick building can block signal from penetrating the walls. Where you are located in proximity to the cell tower can be the difference between 1X and 4G. Whether you are in the office or in your home, there are things you can do to boost your cellular signal. A cell phone signal booster may be just what you need.

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How Do Signal Boosters Work?

We have an article about that, but in short: signal boosters start with an outdoor antenna attached to the outside of your home or office building. This antenna is pointed at the nearest tower, and captures the available cellular signal in the area. An omnidirectional antenna is sometimes available and that will capture a signal in any direction. The signal then travels via coaxial cable to a booster inside your home. From there, the amplified signal is broadcast via an indoor antenna for your devices to feed off of. The booster also boosts signal back to the tower for uploads.

In order for any signal booster to work, it needs a decent signal to start with. After that, the signal can be boosted up to 32 times stronger than what you started with. To determine how much stronger the signal is, a field test is recommended. The number of bars on your phone varies greatly with the type of phone or carrier you have and is not a good indication of cellular signal strength.

Where Can I Use a Signal Booster?

The Home

Signal boosters are available to cover small to large home areas. Whether you want to boost signal on the main floor or on multiple floors, there is a system that will enhance your signal. Placement of a signal booster is very important. The booster needs to be pointed in the right direction for optimal use. It is important to place the outdoor, indoor and signal booster in the area where it will provide the best coverage. If you place the booster on the east side of the house in the basement, it may have trouble extending the signal to the west, upper floor area of your home. If it runs into an obstacle, such as several walls, an amplifier may need to be added to get around the corner or through the wall. The signal may be able to bounce in a confined area.

The Office

Higher end signal boosters that cover large square footage areas are ideal for commercial buildings. Taking into account special building materials and layouts, amplifiers are strategically positioned to boost cellular coverage. A specialist designs systems for buildings.

Cars, Trucks, RVs, and Boats

When you are on the go, a small signal booster can be added to your vehicle or boat. These are designed to boost the signal in a small space. If you are on vacation or have a business where you are constantly on the go, a signal booster may keep you functional in more areas of the city or country. As long as there is some sort of signal, the booster can help.

So Why Can’t I Use the Booster Outdoors?

Why Can’t I Use the Booster Outdoors

Many people ask if a cell signal booster can be used outdoors. Once the signal comes into the amplifier, the signal is broadcast in a certain area. The closer your device is to the signal booster, the better the signal will be. Signals bounce off the walls of a confined space, such as the walls of your home office, or car interior. The booster needs the confinement to keep the signal strong and prevent it from degrading. If you are too far from the booster, the amplified signal will be weak. If you are in an open area, the signal will just travel until it fades and won’t be able to be captured for use.

Added Security

You might be considering WiFi networks and WiFi calling instead of a cell phone signal booster, but there are some distinct advantages to boosting your cellular network with a signal booster. Signal boosters offer greater security for your data. Only those in close proximity to the booster are able to use the technology and therefore it’s harder to get close to the signal. Also, the signal is designed in a way that is less susceptible to data snooping and cyber-attacks.

Look into a Signal Booster Today

As long as you have at least a small signal, a signal booster can make a significant different and may make the difference between a dropped call and staying connected. Signal boosters works with most carriers and are easy to install. Give one a try and see the difference.

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