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Installer Insights 07: Weatherproofing

Installer Insights 07: Weatherproofing

installer insights 7

Installer Insights is a bi-weekly article series provided by industry experts & professionals of residential and commercial cellular DAS and WiFi installations and integrations. This week features the returning Abdul Khan, whose dream of eating a taco while driving the Indy 500 comes closer to reality day-by-day.

We’re back, everyone! I hope your holidays were wonderful. This week, we’ll be covering the weatherproofing process. This is essential for ensuring the long-term life of your signal booster system. It’s not too complicated, but there are a lot of steps to make sure it’s done well, so let’s get started.

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Outside Connectors

Making sure your outside connectors are weatherproof is one of the basic parts of installing a cell phone signal booster. There are several key points, so let’s go over them one by one.

First, ensure all your connectors are crimped correctly when doing any custom lengths of cable cutting. This means making sure the connectors are on tightly. If no custom lengths have been made, you can skip this step.

Use tape around the connectors to ensure a proper seal. I recommend WeatherTape, which is what I use on all my installs. Make sure you stretch the tape to activate the adhesives before wrapping it around the connectors. Use a minimum of two half-lapped layers of tape to insulate.

Finally, use black electrical tape over the WeatherTape. This is to add a coat of UV protection, which will protect from potentially years of sun exposure.

Do this for every outdoor connector. They should all be weather coated the same way.


When you install your yagi antenna, make sure the holes on the bottom (called “weepholes”) are placed facing down, to enable moisture to leave the antenna.

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If these are accidentally installed facing upward, they will gradually fill with water, ruining your antenna. Thus it’s very important to place them downward.

These are the two main problems we see with certain installations, and performing the steps outlined here should serve you in good stead. Thanks for reading!

Abdul Khan
16th Jan 2019

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