Improving Cell Phone Wifi With A Signal Booster

Improving Cell Phone Wifi With A Signal Booster

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30th Apr 2020
cell phone wifi signal booster

WiFi to you cell phone has changed over the years.

In the beginning, using Internet service providers (ISP) like Time Warner Cable, Uverse, Fios and Comcast meant you were tethered to a router and landline internet.

However, with the increasing improvements of cell phone signal technology, using 4G, LTE, and 5G as a dedicated source of Wi-Fi has gained popularity as many find ways to ditch the old landlines and go truly wireless. Cell phone carriers such as Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile are always looking to stay competitive and speeding up mobile internet is the way to go.

With unlimited 4G and 5G plans and speeds beginning to rival that of landline internet, it just may be time to cut the cord. After all, our digital lives are mobile now. We need to be connected everywhere at any time. And with 5G the old days of desktops, cables, and stationary routers will be a thing of the past.

However, this depends on getting quality signal to your phone. Because when streaming YouTube videos, text messaging, or posting the latest Instagram pic, you'll need fast internet and one bar 4G or 5G might not be enough.

That's why getting a cell phone signal booster is a good investment.

It takes whatever signal you're getting right now to your cell phone and amplifies it multiple times (up to 32X) and then rebroadcasts the signal to an area in need inside your home or car. More bars, always connected.

"But why should I pay extra for something I should already be getting?"

In the long run, a cell phone WiFi booster is all about convenience. What's the feeling when you have no internet? No signal. Spotty reception. Constant loading scenes. Disconnection is more than annoyance.

What's the price you'll pay in the long run with frustrations, loss of business, patience, and dealing with emergencies? A cell phone WiFi booster is FCC- certified equipment that boosts your bars, giving you better coverage and reception.

Cut the cord with cable, save on monthly fees, get faster internet, and ensure constant cell phone signal.

Pros & Cons of Cell Phone Signal as a Main Source for Internet

Cell phone signals are radio waves (AM/FM kind) that cover great distances and deliver fast data but are easily disrupted by almost everything under the sun.

A cell signal starts out strong from the cell tower. But it has to battle with outside interference (trees, hills, mountains, and tall structures like buildings and other high urban structures). Then it has squeeze through building material such as thick concrete and brick, metal, glass, radiant barrier, and other conductive material (electrical or magnetic).

By the time the signal reaches to your cell phone or tablet, it's extremely weak and spotty leading to limited coverage and almost no reception. You'll raise your phone in the air hoping the antenna will pick up something, hanging on to that one bar of cell signal.

But everything changes with a cell phone wifi booster.

A cell phone wifi signal booster takes the existing weak signal, amplifies it multiple times, then rebroadcasts the boosted signal to an area in need in your home or car. Stronger signal, more bars, and reliable reception.

Most importantly, constant connection, no disruptions, and more bars. Service that just works.

Cell phone WiFi boosters do not require landline internet or monthly landline internet fees. They're approved for use by all major US carriers (AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile, etc.).

Besides extending your cell phone coverage, it'll eliminate dropped calls, stuck text messages, and slow internet. Even better, voice quality is greatly improved so no more repeating. It saves you time and provides you with ultimate convenience and peace of mind.

Whether you're in a remote rural area or the big city, our recommended cell phone boosters get the job done. They'll extend your network signal with low cost options for 1-2 rooms up to commercial coverage (10,000 sq ft) depending on your model and outside signal.

Whether it's a cabin or farm in the valley surrounded by mountains, whether it's a multistory metal building in the big city, or maybe just an RV in the park, cell phone signal boosters are a necessity when you need to know how to boost your cell phone signal. is here to help you select the right cell WiFi booster. There's absolutely no risk to you. Free consultation (ask us anything) with our US-based customer support ( Free shipping. 30 Day test drive. If you're not happy with your cell booster, simply contact us today, or call us at 1-800-470-6777, and you'll get your money back. Guaranteed.

If you are satisfied, we provide lifetime technical support and a 2-year warranty. And again, our US-based customer support is second to none. We understand there's no one-size-fits-all strategy and we listen to all the details before suggesting ways to get you better signal.

We offer best and realistic outcomes from years of experience dealing with weak reception and solving tens of thousands of happy customers. Our motto: "Provide solutions. Don't sell boxes." Read real reviews from our customers. It's because of our goal to provide the best wireless network extenders that have led us to #424 on the Inc 5000 Fastest Growing Companies List in 2015.

Below are the six most popular wireless boosters, ranged from good, better, and best. These are ranked in two categories, cell phone booster for home and cell phone booster for car. Bring the cell tower to you!

Cell Phone WiFi Signal Boosters For Home

Midsize Home Coverage

The Bolton Technical Victory Yagi/Panel is the most powerful multi-carrier cellular booster in its class. It features up to 72 dB gain and incredible uplink power. Cell signal for your WiFi will significantly improve wherever you need it. Under best conditions, it can blanket up to 4,000 sq ft with strong, reliable reception. Equipped with the Bolton Quicksilver outdoor antenna, it absolutely dominates in areas with weak outside signals and few towers. Its sister, the Victory Omni/Panel, is better for those with decent outside signal and multi-carrier coverage needs.

Overview of the Bolton Victory Yagi/Panel:

  • Best for small to midsize homes
  • Boosts talk, text, and 4G/5G data
  • Up to 4,000 sq ft coverage
  • Up to +72 dB gain
  • Includes highest quality cellular antennas and cables
  • $499.99

Large Home Coverage

The Cel-Fi GO X is the most powerful cellular booster you can get to improve mobile WiFi. It's capable of covering up to 15,000 sq ft with reliable reception. Since it can only boost one carrier at a time, it features the highest gain on the market, up to 100 dB gain. That's about 1000x more powerful than the competition. Even with weak outside cell signal, your cellular devices will receive superior connectivity. Super customizable, you can pair it with different cellular antennas to maximize performance in any signal environment.

Overview of the weBoost Cel-Fi GO X:

  • 4G/LTE/5G coverage up to up to 15,000 sq ft
  • Boost one carrier at a time
  • Most powerful amplifier
  • Up to 100 dB gain
  • Multiple antenna options for any signal situation
  • Starting at $1,099.99

Small Home Coverage

The Home Room is a great choice for spot coverage, apartments, or small homes and offices. If you have perfect signal outside your home, you can expect the booster to provide you with 1,500 sq ft of coverage. Poor reception areas get an average of 200 to 500 sq ft of coverage. Flexible and easy to set up, you'll have reliable cell signal for better WiFi in no time.

Overview of the Home Room:

  • Boosts 4G/LTE/5G indoors for all carriers
  • Up to 1,500 sq ft coverage
  • Up to +60 dB gain
  • $399.99

Cell Phone WiFi Signal Boosters For Cars, Trucks, and any Vehicle

Multiple Device Connectivity On-the-Go

The Velocity Vehicle cellular signal booster is one of the best all-carrier vehicle signal boosters around. It'll boost 4G/5G data, talk, and text for all devices within range. With high gain and high-quality cellular antennas, it delivers the strongest signal possible for superior WiFi connectivity in your vehicle anywhere on the road.

While this particular kit is best for your everyday vehicles, additional configurations are available to fit any vehicle.

Overview of the Bolton Velocity Vehicle:

  • Boosts talk, text, and 4G/5G data
  • For everyday cars, trucks, and SUVs
  • Up to +50 dB gain
  • Simple installation
  • Works with all North American wireless carriers
  • $399.99

Single Device Connectivity On-the-Go

Very versatile car cell phone signal booster. Super affordable. Can be placed on the dashboard. Smartphone/router has to be in the cradle for maximum signal boost. Might be a tight fit on wider smartphones or routers.

Overview of the SureCall N-Range 2.0:

  • Boosts Talk, Text, 4G, LTE, and 5G Data
  • For Single User
  • Up to +23 dB Gain
  • $199.99

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