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All About the Bolton Velocity Mobile Cell Signal Booster

All About the Bolton Velocity Mobile Cell Signal Booster

Written By SignalBoosters
22nd May 2023

Last week we took a deep look at the Bolton Victory Home Cell Signal Booster, Bolton Technical’s new in-building cell signal booster for homes and offices. Today, we’ll be looking at the mobile side of things with the Bolton Velocity.

The Velocity has the maximum power dictated by the FCC (Title 47, Chapter 1, Subchapter B, 20.21, paragraph e, subparagraph 8, C.2.iii) at +50 dB of gain. If gain numbers mean nothing to you, that amount should allow for complete coverage of the interior of a vehicle in decent outside signal conditions. This means reliable cell service – no more dropped calls, no more buffering on videos or audio, no more unsent texts. These benefits extend to all carriers at once – so whether you have Verizon, T-Mobile, AT&T, US Cellular, or one of their many MVNOs, you’ll receive enhanced performance.

Performance Tailored to Each Vehicle

Most vehicle signal boosters come in genericized kits to fit a vehicle class. There are typical vehicle kits, trucker kits, overland kits, marine kits, and more. There are two main differentiators for these vehicle kits: the antennas used and the included mounts.

That’s where the various Bolton Velocity kits shine. Velocity kits have superior antennas and mounts which match vehicle type, not just class.

Better Antennas, Better Execution, More Longevity

The various Velocity cell signal booster kits use either the Mighty Mag 4” antenna for standard vehicles, or the Bolton Blade OTR antenna for trucks and off-roaders.

Both these options equal or outperform comparable options and are more durable.

OTR antennas have been tested in long-haul and adverse conditions for years. The Bolton Blade's design is based on tried-and-true CB antennas which truckers have trusted for decades. They stand up to the rigors of the road better than other cellular OTR antennas of their class.

The Blade has numerous of mounting options. You can mount it on the roof, trunk lip, side mirror, toolbox, or you can get a custom mount for your specific truck. For off-roaders, there’s an M8 rail mount available, as well as a simple basket clasp mount, both made by RAM.

Bolton Velocity Vehicle Cellular Signal Booster Kit

  • Boosts talk, text, and cellular data
  • Eliminates dropped calls and slow speeds in everyday vehicles
  • Includes Mighty Mount outdoor antenna
  • Simple installation
  • Works for all phones, all carriers

The Velocity Vehicle kit is Bolton’s premier vehicle kit, featuring the Mighty Mag antenna. The Velocity Vehicle will eliminate dead zones along your drive, extending the range at which you can successfully make a call. It's ideal for urban, rural, or suburban areas.

The Bolton B-Flat inside antenna broadcasts the boosted signal throughout your car, van, or SUV, allowing you and your passengers to make uninterrupted calls or use GPS more effectively.

Bolton Velocity Trucker Cellular Signal Booster Kit

  • For large trucks, semis, and more
  • Up to +50 dBi gain
  • Includes Bolton Blade 5G OTR outdoor antenna
  • Boosts 5G and 4G signal
  • Simple mirror mount installation

The Bolton Velocity Trucker kit includes a Blade antenna and truck mirror mount for easy installation. The Blade is lightweight, durable, stands up to the rigors of the road, and provides the most reliable reception out there.

Bolton Velocity Off-Road Cellular Signal Booster Kit

  • For off-roaders, overlanders, and more
  • Up to +50 dBi gain
  • Includes Bolton Blade 5G OTR outdoor antenna
  • Boosts 5G and 4G signal
  • Your choice of RAM mount: M8 rail or basket class

A cell signal booster designed for the needs of the off-road community, the Velocity Off-Road features the Blade OTR antenna, this time with a choice of mounts. The M8 rail mount and the basket clasp mount are meant for different types of off-road vehicles, and are designed by RAM.

These RAM mounts allow for near-infinite adjustability on your off-road vehicle, allowing you to lay your Blade flat, straight, or any direction you like.

Signal Boosters is the Preferred Distributor of Bolton Technical in the US

Shop the Velocity Vehicle, Velocity Trucker, Victory Omni/Panel or Victory Yagi/Panel here.

Give us a call on 1-800-470-6777 or mail We can’t wait to get you hooked up with your own Bolton Technical cellular signal booster kit.

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