Bolton Technical Blade 5G OTR Cellular Vehicle Antenna

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Bolton Technical Blade – 5G OTR Cellular Truck Antenna
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  • Quiet & Aerodynamic High-Gain Antenna for Vehicles
  • Heavy-Duty & Weatherproof Construction
  • 3/8 x 24 Threaded Base for Versatile Mounting Options
  • Quick Disconnect Coax Cable
  • Works With ALL Vehicle Signal Boosters
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Bolton Technical Blade 5G OTR Cellular Vehicle Antenna

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Chris with Bolton Technical Presents

The Bolton Blade 5G OTR Cellular Vehicle Antenna

Bolton Blade - Quick Overview
Quick Overview
Bolton Blade - Trunk Lip Mount
Trunk Lip Mount
Bolton Blade - Mirror Mount & Quick Disconnect
Mirror Mount & Quick Disconnect
Bolton Blade - Pole Mount
90˚ Pole Mount

An Antenna for ALL Vehicles

The Bolton Technical Blade is a high-performing, commercial-grade, 5G-capable cellular vehicle antenna that outperforms the competition. It greatly enhances cell signal in all signal environments. Extremely customizable, it's perfect for any sized vehicle – from pickups to 18-wheelers and everything in between.

Smooth, Quiet Rides

Exclusive "Whistle-Free" design solves the #1 vehicle antenna complaint. You’ll be able to drive at high speeds free from annoying antenna whistles. Strong construction also prevents swaying.

Unfazed by Weather

Come rain, shine, or high winds, the sturdy, all-weather fiber glass exterior ensures smooth performance at all times.

Every Antenna Needs a Proper Mount

The Bolton Blade features a 3/8 x 24 threaded base for the easiest and most versatile mounting options. Use it with a magnet mount, mirror mount, tool-box mount, or one that is specific to your vehicle (sold separately) for optimal placement. Removal is just as easy and quick with the quick disconnect SMA-Female coax cable.

Accessories Make Everything Better

  1. Quick-Disconnect (Included) – With a simple “Push and Twist” motion, quickly disconnect from mount to store or swap to another vehicle.
  2. 90 Degree Layover (Sold Separately) – Easily fold antenna over for easy access to garages and hassle-free carwashes.
  3. Spring Mount (Sold Separately) – Adds flexibility.

Attached between the antenna base and mount, these accessories make the Blade very versatile.

Reliable Connectivity on the Go

High-gain and omnidirectional, pair the Blade with any vehicle signal booster for maximum connectivity on the road.

The Bolton Technical Blade OTR Antenna

High-gain and wideband, the Bolton Technical Blade 5G Vehicular Antenna is ideal for all vehicles no matter the size. Pair it with any vehicle signal booster and get better cell signal while driving on rural or urban roads. Antenna coax is terminated at the base with an SMA-Female connector. Bolton offers coax cables with the proper termination(s) for any brand of cellular signal booster and popular lengths.

Signal radiates from the weatherproof bi-cone enclosure. Unique design makes antenna more aerodynamic.

At two feet tall, the bi-cone rises above your vehicle's body, obtaining stronger cell signal. Its sturdy mast keeps the antenna vertical even at high speeds. It stays at a horizontal plane, ensuring optimal performance. The exclusive "Whistle-Free" wrap eliminates antenna whistle noise.

The Blade fits a wide variety of mounts. Choose whichever suits your pickup or semi-truck best. Simplify installation with optional mounting accessories, such as a Quick-Disconnect Adapter, Medium-Duty Spring Adapter, or 90 Degree Layover Adapter.

  • High-gain omnidirectional
  • Wideband
  • Weatherproof
  • Commercial-grade, whistle-free design
  • 3/8 x 24 threaded base with quick disconnect coax cable
  • Versatile mounting options
  • Works in weak signal areas
  • For all vehicle types
  • Compatible with all vehicle signal boosters
  • Designed and assembled in the USA
Who Is It For?
  • All types of vehicles – pick the mount that suits your vehicle best:
  • Sedans: (trunk-lip antenna mount)
  • Pickup Trucks: (mounts for specific make and model, or toolbox mount, headache rack mount)
  • 18-Wheeler: (mounts for specific make and model, or mirror mount, or spot-mirror mount)
  • RV’s: (RV antenna mount – Class A, Class B, Class C and Towables)
  • ATV/UTV: (ATV/UTV antenna mount)
  • Any type of Fleet Vehicle: (our specialty – call for details)
Technical Specifications
Bolton Blade 5G Cellular Vehicle Antenna
Frequency MHz - 600, 698-806, 806-960, 1710-1880, 1850-1990, 1910-2170, 2300-2700, 3600-3750
Typical Gain -6.4, 2.7, 2.1, 4.4, 2.7, 2.4, 3.9, 2.3
Max Gain 4.4 db
Input Impedance 50 Ohm
Polarization type Vertical
Max Power W 15
Item No. BT151885
Kit Includes
  • Bolton Blade Antenna with quick disconnect coax cable
  • Universal Dome Mount
  • Quick-Disconnect Mount Accessory (Additional mount depending on product selection at time of purchase)
  • 4M/13ft Coax Cable Extension (Included) LMR®200 Type SMA Male/SMA Male (SMA Female - FME Female Adapter Included)

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Should I Get the Blade?

The Blade outperforms other vehicle antennas. It doesn’t whistle or bounce around when driving at high speeds. The sturdier mast ensures you receive the best signal. It's also 5G capable. With many mounting options, the Blade can fit any vehicle.

If you need a replacement or want a more powerful antenna, the Blade is a great choice.

How is the Blade different from other vehicle antennas?

There are quite a few differences:

The Blade features a whistle-free wrap. This eliminates whistling when driving at high speeds.

The mast is much more sturdy than other antennas, keeping the Blade vertical even at high speeds. Since it's not bouncing around, it can receive the strongest cell signal.

The Blade uses a 3'' coaxial cable that connects to a longer cable. The short cable allows you to quickly unmount the antenna.

Unlike most cellular antennas, the Blade has many mounting options to fit any vehicle.

What are the best accessories for this antenna?

You can attach an adapter between the antenna base and mount to make your life easier.

  • The Quick-Disconnect Adapter (included) makes removing the antenna much easier and faster.
  • The Spring Mount Adapter (sold separately) adds flexibility.
  • The 90 Degree Layover Adapter (sold separately) allows you to fold the antenna to avoid damage.
Can I Install the Blade on a Car?

While for trucks, the Blade can be installed on a car using the trunk lip mount or magnet mount.

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