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SureCall EZ 4G: Better Cell Phone Signal, No Hassle Installation

SureCall EZ 4G: Better Cell Phone Signal, No Hassle Installation

Looks Like a Fan, Except it Blows 3G & 4G Signals Your Way

The SureCall EZ 4G is a new generation of cell phone signal boosters that are easy plug-and-play devices.

Cell phone boosters are wonderful solutions for people in poor signal areas since they take existing weak signal and amplify it multiple times (up to 32X) until you have more bars and better signal.

Typical signal boosters come with three pieces: an outside antenna to pick up signal, an amplifier to boost the signal, and an inside antenna to broadcast the signal.

Generally speaking, installing the typical signal booster needs a bit of work. First, the outside antenna needs to be installed high on the roof, because the higher the antenna, the better it can pick up signal. Second, then you need to run cable connecting the outside antenna to the amplifier which is located indoors.

So that requires a bit of handiness.

But with these next-gen signal boosters, the outside antenna is placed near a window inside the house. One cable connects to another unit that is both the amplifier and inside antenna. That broadcasts improved 3G & 4G signal indoors. So it's a very clean and easy install.

surecall ez 4g install signal booster

Top 10 Benefits of the EZ 4G:

  1. No more dropped calls
  2. Super clear voice quality
  3. Fast downloads & streaming
  4. Instant text messages
  5. Constant connection
  6. Dependable reception
  7. Larger coverage
  8. Less dead zones
  9. More bars
  10. Longer battery life for phone

Stats, Specs, Pros & Cons of the EZ4G

  • Boosts 3G & 4G LTE signals for 1-2 rooms
  • Works for all US & Canadian Carriers: Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, Rogers, Bell, Telus, etc.
  • Works for any cellular device: iPhone, Android, smartphone, tablet, laptop
  • One-time purchase, no monthly fees
  • 3 Year Manufacturer's Warranty

The Good & The (Possible) Bad

The best thing about the SureCall EZ4G is that it's very easy to install. One unit near the window, the other unit near the area you want better signal, and you're done.

However, your mileage may vary with results, because signal boosters are great at amplifying existing signal but can not create it.

So before investing in the SureCall EZ4G, it's important to know two things: the cause of your poor signal and just how strong your outside signal is.

Depending on the strength of your outside signal, the EZ 4G may be capable of covering up to 1,200 sq ft. However, with poor outside signal, coverage may be much less, maybe a desktop to 1 room.

So let's look at the two things you need to know:

Top Reasons Why You Have Spotty Reception

1. Cell Tower Distance

This is a big problem in the remote, rural areas. Signal isn't able to reach to your cell phone since it's far away from the cell phone tower. 

2. Interference from the Outside

For city dwellers, these type of obstructions are tall structures, buildings, and other urban surroundings like billboards & poles. For people in remote, rural areas, these are trees, hills, and mountains. 

Cell phone signals are basically radio waves (the AM/FM kind). And like radio waves, they're very good at covering long distances but struggle with any type of line-of-sight interference.

Like a four-year-old with an attention span of a fly, cell waves easily bounce, recoil, and absorb with anything as it travels to your phone. So even though signal is super strong at the cell tower, it ends up faded & weak by the time it reaches to your home.

Even bad weather like rain, fog, snow, and thunderstorms can affect your cell signal.

3. Building Material & Construction

Metal (tin roof). Concrete. Glass. Thick walls & insulation. Energy-efficient material. 

Doesn't matter if you live RIGHT next to the cell phone tower, your building material has the ability to block it all.

If building material interference is the main cause of your poor signal, you'll find that the EZ 4G will do a great job of channeling and bringing that signal in.

4. Neighbors 

So even with some signal, if other people are around, they're battling you for the same services, too. Get enough people (from dozens to thousands) and everyone is fighting for scraps of 3G & 4G.

So these are the main causes of poor signal.

And it only takes ONE of these problems to affect your cell phone service. And if you MIX & MATCH any of them?

You'll be a master of the searching-for-cell-phone-signal pose.

Your Cell Phone Bars? Not Totally Accurate.


That's because the number of bars on your phone is subjective across all carriers! There's no industry standard!

What's full bars on T-Mobile could be 3 bars on Sprint, 2 bars on AT&T, and 1 bar on Verizon despite RECEIVING the EXACT same signal and performing at the EXACT same speeds!

It's left to your carrier to decide what's 1, 2, 3, 4, and full bars on their own service.

Do you think that's right?

The most accurate and technical way is to look at decibel (dB) reading. Cell phone signals operate at a dB frequency of -50 dB to -110 dB. 

-50 dB is great signal, full bars. -120 dB is virtually no signal, a dead zone. And everything else in between ranges from having good to ok to poor signal.

This dB frequency is absolutely true for all cellular devices and all providers in America & Canada. Once you understand your dB reading, then you'll understand just exactly how strong your signal is. The closer to -50 dB, the better. The closer to -120 dB, the worse.

So definitely do dB reading on your phone. Walk to different areas of the house (especially your windows) to see which area is getting the best signal.

Now here are some probable outcomes of what kind of coverage you may get:

dB Reading of SureCall EZ 4G

  • -50 dB to - 89 dB: very good to great coverage (500 to 1,200 sq ft).
  • -90 dB to -99 dB: ok to good coverage (150 sq ft to 500 sq ft).
  • -100 dB to -110 dB: poor to no coverage (no boost to desktop coverage).

Remember, these are estimates and not final numbers since every situation is different and everyone's signal problem is unique.

Final Thoughts

In general, if you have acceptable to good signal, it should be a great desktop to one-room booster. So great for apartments and SOHO (single office, home office). Unless you have very good signal, I wouldn't recommend it as a small home booster. 

However, I'd curious to know if it would work well in a parked RV at the campsite.

And if you have poor signal and need more coverage, I'd recommend something more powerful like the SureCall Fusion5s since it covers up to 6,000 sq ft. 

Other than that, the SureCall EZ is an easy-to-install and good desktop signal booster. Just make sure to check your dB reading first. Hope this helps.

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20th May 2016

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