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New UltraGain 26 Directional Antenna - The Strongest Antenna on the Market with 5G and WiFi

New UltraGain 26 Directional Antenna - The Strongest Antenna on the Market with 5G and WiFi

The New UltraGain 26 Directional Antenna

SignalBoosters.com is pleased to announce the new UltraGain 26 Directional Antenna.

This is the strongest outside antenna on the market for cellular and WiFi signal booster systems, featuring a wideband parabolic grid with gains of up to +26 dB (hence the name).

How much more powerful is the Ultra Gain 26 compared to other outside antennas?

  • Directional outdoor antenna
  • All Cellular and WiFi bands
  • The Highest Continuous Gain Antenna on the Market - up to +26dB gain!
  • Mount Sold Separately

The UltraGain 26 is 6x more powerful than other antennas that come with your cell phone booster kit. By putting more directional gain on your antenna, you’re able to increase your signal quality, reach farther to the cell tower, and dramatically increase your booster’s performance by capturing more signal.

Who is the UltraGain 26 For?

There are five reasons why the Ultra Gain 26 is a superior product.

Long Range: If you live in a very rural area with spotty to no cell signal, the UltraGain 26 allows you to find towers up to 10 miles away compared to the 2 to 5 mile reach of an omnidirectional or yagi antenna.

Since the antenna is more directional than a yagi antenna, it’s able to reach farther, allowing you to pull in signal where you didn’t have any before–improving weak signal to allow for better quality calls.

Where the typical yagi antenna gives a little bit of gain in weak signal areas and none at all in dead zones, the UltraGain 26 has the ability to turn dead zones into workable signal areas and weak signals into areas of good call & internet quality. This applies to WiFi, as well, so you’re covered no matter what your system.

Better Signal to Noise: An urban user can use the UltraGain 26 to get better clarity and performance on their signal booster. Towers can conflict and cause too much noise, but the directional nature of the UltraGain 26 allows you to communicate directly with the tower you want, which makes the communication pathway to the tower much better compared to the wider radius of the yagi antenna. decreasing the total amount of noise or static in your system.

Narrow Directional Field: Installers and integrators should consider the UltraGain 26 for high gain systems, and certain other situations, as well. For instance, if you are trying to boost all carriers, but one or two overpower the others, the Ultra Gain 26 is your best option for bypassing the overpowering tower while honing in on that specific carrier you wanted that you couldn’t talk to previously.

Superior Build Quality: The UltraGain 26grid design allows for protection again moderate to heavy wind conditions which can often knock other antennas out of their alignment. The design and construction of the UltraGain 26 provides rugged outdoor operation 24/7.

5G-Ready: Finally, no matter who you are, you might be concerned about the advent of 5G. It’s coming, folks, and technology is going to take us more and more in that direction soon. The UltraGain 26 covers all the potential cellular bandwidths major carriers are looking at for their 5G services, so you’re future-proofing yourself by buying this antenna now.

How Do I Use the UltraGain 26?

The UltraGain 26 is very directional. In order to increase the reach and gain of the antenna, its beam has been narrowed to around 7 degrees. To compare, the typical yagi has a radiation pattern of around 45 degrees.

It might be simpler to think of a typical yagi as a flashlight with a wider beam that dissipates the further away you go, and of the UltraGain 26 as a laser pointer - friend to cats everywhere. A laser pointer maintains the strength of its beam from a great distance, but needs to be aimed much more carefully.

If you spend the extra time to aim the antenna, your performance will improve drastically. We at SignalBoosters.com have tested this ourselves and seen it firsthand:

How Many More Bars Will I Get from the UltraGain 26?

As is normal for a signal booster system, that all depends on your outdoor signal where you install the antenna.

If you have 0-1 bars living on the edge of the cell network, you can expect around 2-3 bars. If you already have 2-3 bars, you’ll probably end up with full bars. This all depends on how well you can aim the antenna and the vantage point between the antenna and the tower.

As long as there’s a tower to connect to in your area, however, the net effect is always positive, and greater than what you can expect with a yagi antenna.

What are Some Key Features of the Ultra Gain 26?

  • Boosts both cellular and WiFi signal, including 5G
  • Works for all cell models and carriers
  • Highest gain of any cellular antenna on the market: up to +26 dB gain, 6x as strong as your ordinary yagi antenna
  • Adjustable feedhorn - lets you increase the gain on either end of the spectrum - cellular or WiFi - depending on your individual needs.
  • Built to Last - Patented aluminum grid mesh able to withstand hurricane winds, with powder coating guaranteed to last through all inclement weather conditions.
  • Compatible with:

    • Cellular, LTE, 5G, GSM, ISM, CDMA, UMTS, 2G/3G/4G
    • WiFi
    • Homeland Security, Wi-Max, GPS, Homeland Security, Military, Satellite, Aerospace exploration, Radio Telescope
    • And more!

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Alex B.
12th Feb 2019

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