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September 17, 2017
Love this works awesome!
It works awesome I'm using on a ranch out by circle where I was getting really slow 3g I have 3 bars 4glte now that works awesome only thing that could be improved is how far it reaches across the room.
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Lanny Geiselhart
June 27, 2016
Very satisfied …
Very satisfied quick and easy install increasing my cell coverage from 1 to 3 bars.
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William Moore
August 23, 2016
This unit works...
This unit works well. I had mounted it on a wall with the antenna cable running near the antenna on the box. This resulted in an orange light, until I tilted the box antenna 90 degrees away from the outside antenna cable. Now I get a green light and get a signal through most of my house. I have not tested the unit with AT&T network phones, but it works for our Verizon network phones.
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Jeff Kersten
August 3, 2016
Living in the b…
Living in the bottom of a valley this booster along with a directional antenna has made it so I can take and receive calls with no problem.
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Tim D.
December 13, 2016
Works good for …
Works good for our needs. If we needed a more permanent booster I would invest in a better antenna. Tried to set unit next to a wall but ended up installing in center of building (just like instructions say).