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September 9, 2017
No Cell Signal to Phone Calls, Text messages, & Emails
It has been about month or so since I have purchased this device. I was told not to buy this Product by weBoost but out of desperation I purchased this 4GX anyway. I live in a rural Hilly to Mountainous region in KY with my home down in a valley & I was unable to obtain internet or phone from the local providers. I could only make calls, text, or use data if I walked up my hill 400ft or so out of valley. I desperately needed a way to communicate and this device has helped greatly in descent to great weather. Keep in mind I had no signal to boost at all. The best reading I could get was -114 to -104 db in the valley and now I can get anywhere from -91 to -84 with spotty LTE which is better than nothing. Two bars with AT&T and Verizon. I will figure something out later for the Data but this is just what I need at the moment.
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July 18, 2017
Makes a great gift!
I use the booster in my work truck all the time because I'm out in the middle of nowhere all the time. It work great, I didn't think it would with the small antenna, I was proven wrong. A suction cup or a clip to put it on a vent or something would be great. Thank you
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September 26, 2017
I will buy this for every work truck I ever own
I work in very remote areas of West texas where there is little to no signal ever and once I got my WeBoost I now always have signal even though it might not be much. Where i wasnt able to make any calls or texts or emails before I now can always atleast send a text. Great product and a must have for anybody wirking in the oilfield in West Texas
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August 3, 2017
I can use my cell phone on Mount Doom now!
I live on the side of a mountain in a remote part of N. Idaho. If I walk 100 feet to the south up a hill, I get maybe 2 bars. Inside my house built with 2x6 and thick insulation..nothing. Verizon's amplifier they sent us didn't do squat as it uses your Satellite bandwidth. Being skeptical this would work, I ordered it anyway and crossed my fingers. How surprised I was that my iPhone went from -140 to -82 dBms! I can talk, text, download and do anything on my cell phone now! My huband's flip phone has a hard time connecting as the case is super thick, but he can still get calls and texts as long as the phone is within 15 feet of the indoor antenna. Installation was a little tricky; finding a spot that the outside antenna would pick up the southern cell tower in our area. 5 feet in the wrong direction, and we got nothing, but once we found the sweet spot, it was working great! Cell reception is going to vary by location and signal strength, so if you installed this correctly and you get nothing, it is not the are truly in a dead zone. TOTALLY WORTH THE COST! If I ever have to sell my house...I can see this adding value to it. Potential buyers want a good cell signal and this delivers! LOVE it! I'm going to buy the booster for my truck next. With an hour drive to town and no reception for 80% of the trip, it's aggravating to miss calls or try to find a location, etc. Since the 4G-x works so well for my house, I have no doubt the vehicle booster will work.
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Commit Outdoors
August 28, 2017
A Must for the hardcore outdoorsmen!
I'm an avid outdoorsman and hunter. I spend weeks on end off grid. Some hunts take me to mountain tops where cell service is absolutely not an option. The Drive 4G-X unit is incredible. It amplifies what signal is available to a point where phone calls, text, even emails are an option. Great product and a must for us hunters to keep in touch with the wife, or in the case of an emergency. Highly recommend!
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Eric J
Nov 5, 2017
Definitely would buy again and recommend to friends
Just installed this 4G model for my mother yesterday. She had 1 bar outside her home,( -106dbm was my best reading). After installing and placing the interior antenna correctly, she has all green lights on Weboost unit and 2 to 3 bars of AT&T LTE inside now, and 2 bars on her porch. (didn't check dbm as it was very late). Bottom line. Very fast data download and high voice clarity with no dropped calls. Excellent product. Expect about 4 hours for complete install.
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Michael T
September 5, 2017
Wilson makes the best boosters!
This was an upgrade from an older model that I bought over a decade ago, but it did not have 4G LTE capabilities. This newer model works great and I now have super fast 4G LTE in the middle of nowhere Vermont :) I would highly recommend Wilson Amplifiers to anyone who needs a boost. My signal went from one bar to fours bars!
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August 5, 2017
Our second one!
We live in a "dead zone" and log cabin... This is a life saver! I still wish we could get a stronger signal, but this works....
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October 3, 2017
Surpassed my expectations
I'm really impressed with how well this thing works! Cell coverage in my area is awful, and prior to installing the unit, I could never talk, and not even always text in my house. Now I've got a strong signal - 3 bars always, sometimes 4 - and can talk, text, and even use data. It's easy to install and it works. My only complaint would be that I had to buy some extra coax cable, but then I ran it from the top of my 2-story roof clear down to my basement, so that's a pretty good distance.
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June 15, 2017
Great Product
I live max distance between 4 cell towers, Hard to get to set the directional antenna at my house, I spent hours on the roof trying to figure which tower to's not wilson's fault....great product
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July 19, 2017
A great way to keep in touch
I use the weBoost for keeping in touch with my clients and part of my work emergency plan to stay in touch with head office. I use it in my truck, snowmobile, boat and even ATV. I like it that it's small enough and portable to move to various vehicles when required and many options for mounting. There is nothing I do not like about it.
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August 6, 2017
Good product for a terrible service area!!
Finally pulled the trigger on one of these. In Arkansas it is getting worse for cell service in some areas. Hooked this up and it is not perfect but in my is the difference between almost nothing to pretty decent signal. I can live with that! Took some tweaking and moving around outside and inside but have all green now!
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August 6, 2017
Mostly Satisfied So Far
I would and have recommended this product. I am disappointed in the fact that it does not cover my entire house even though i purchased the unit that covers up to 7500 sq ft. I had no signal in my house due to the metal roof and now have 2-3 bars of 4G LTE within 30 ft of the unit. The unit does not provide 4G signal across my entire house. The signal degrades to 3G with poor data quality the farther away from the unit i get.