Nextivity SHIELD EXTEND ERRCS Public Safety System


Nextivity SHIELD EXTEND ERRCS Public Safety System
  • Class A with 56 Channels
  • Class B with 28 Channels (100 kHz & 150 kHz)
  • 700/800 MHz for Public Safety with dedicated FirstNet
  • Brings buildings into compliance with local NFPA/IFC codes
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About the Nextivity SHIELD EXTEND ERRC System

Nextivity SHIELD EXTEND is a true ERRCS System

SHIELD EXTEND is the premier public safety amplifier. It is designed to provide consistent coverage in the most challenging structures and to guarantee compliance with the most recent fire codes.

Nextivity SHIELD EXTEND is a scalable amplifier consisting of one Network Unit (NU) and up to 6 Coverage Units (CUs). Each SHIELD EXTEND public safety amplifier can provide up to 200,000 sq ft of Class A or B and FirstNet radio coverage.

The SHIELD EXTEND has three key features that differentiate it from other public safety ERRCS:

  • Automatic Isolation - Adapts system to provide exact dB based on jurisdiction requirements
  • Automatic Uplink and Downlink Calculation - Save on equipment costs, manpower, and time.
  • Grid Test - Allows for testing of system without contacting AHJ

The SHIELD EXTEND Network Unit is to be installed in a fireproof area. The system features a separate MU (Master Unit) and Baseband Unit (BBU), Remote Anunciator, and Emergency Power Off (EPO) Switch to ensure compliance with any jurisdictional regulations. It uses plenum rated coaxial and CAT-5 power-over-ethernet for easy cable runs.

The system reduces the near-far effect common to radio amplification systems and features talk-through capability to alert the end user if they will pass their building inspection.

  • Class A with 56 Channels
  • Class B with 28 Channels (100 kHz & 150 kHz)
  • 700/800 MHz for Public Safety with dedicated FirstNet
  • Automatic Isolation
  • Automatic Uplink / Downlink Calculation
  • Talk-out Guarantee
  • Scalable All-Digital PoE
  • Built-in Remote Monitoring
  • NEMA 4 Rated and UL 2524 Compliant
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Cel-Fi Wave App

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Who Is It For?
  • Nextivity's SHIELD EXTEND ERRC system is designed to provide reliable coverage in the most challenging building structures and to guarantee absolute compliance with the most up-to-date fire codes per jurisdiction.
  • Users who require solutions up to 200,000 sq ft, per coverage unit. Each network unit supports up to seven coverage units, totaling 1.4 million square feet.
Kit Includes
  • Management Unit Part # F40-0E
  • Network Unit Part # (Class A) F42-67ENUPart # (Class B) F42-67ENUB
  • Coverage Unit Part # (Class A) F41-8XCUPart # (Class B) F41-8XCUB
  • Wideband Directional Antenna Part # A32-V32-201
  • LPDA-R Antenna Part # A62-V44-201
  • (Optional) Battery Backup Unit (BBU) Part # F43-00
  • (Optional) Fiber Range Extender (FRE) Part # NU Side: F40-0XNUPart # CU Side: F40-0XCU
  • (Optional) Remote Annunciator (RA) Part # F42-10R-100
  • (Optional) Emergency Power-Off Switch (EPO) Part # F42-10E-100
  • (Optional) Active Server Antenna Part # A33-10A-100
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The Nextivity SHIELD EXTEND requires professional installation, and trained customer/tech technicians with RF experience (1-888-427-1136 or that will support assist you in every step of the way.

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