Nextivity SHIELD Enterprise MegaFi HPUE


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Shield MegaFi Mobile FirstNet
  • Highest-Powered Mobile Router for On the Go
  • Up to 6x Greater Transmission Strength
  • GPS & Location Base Services
  • 5 Ethernet Ports, 1 WAN & 4 LAN
  • FirstNet Trusted™ Device
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Improve Your In-Building Cellular Signal Immediately

Installing a SHIELD FirstNEt MegaFI cell signal booster system requires a professional's touch. Our team of signal experts will make sure you get coverage where you need it. We have improved indoor cellular coverage in millions of square feet for some of the largest companies in the world.

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Power Up Business Communication

The SHIELD MegaFi is the next generation of High-Power User Equipment for critical business communication. It keeps financial institutions, data centers, IoT devices, and more running smoothly.

Connect in More Places

Utilizing Band 14 without interfering with first responder communication, the MegaFi for enterprise is 6x more powerful than standard routers. This means superior connectivity on the edge of the network and deep inside buildings.

Enhance Productivity

SHIELD MegaFi uses an ATT Business SIM card to create a hotspot that supports voice and data. Consistent connectivity will improve workflow and your bottom line. End-users can easily connect equipment via WiFi or Ethernet.

Continuous Uptime in Any Setting

The MegaFi for enterprise provides the best connectivity when and where it's needed. There are three configurations available:

  • MegaFi Mobile: For on-the-go connectivity.
  • MegaFi Fixed: For reliable in-building and IoT connectivity.
  • MegaGo: For portable connectivity.

About the Nextivity SHIELD Enterprise MegaFi HPUE

The SHIELD MegaFi, originally designed for first responders, is now available for enterprise use. It’s a high-power SD-WAN capable mobile router guaranteed to strengthen connectivity in more places.

Classified as Class 1, it’s 6x more powerful than standard routers. Users can maintain a more consistent connection farther from cell towers and deeper within buildings. Applications needing continuous uptime will run smoothly.

When your business relies on dependable voice and data, it only makes sense to have the highest power solution.

Mobile router utilizes Band 14, taking advantage of HPUE technology without interfering with FirstNet communications. It also supports all other AT&T bands at standard power.

There are three MegaFi options for enterprise use:

  • MegaFi Mobile: For use in vehicles on land and water, such as cars, buses, trains, and boats.
  • MegaFi Fixed: For use in offices, data centers, as well as with IoT devices.
  • MegaGo: For use anywhere the job takes you.

Cloud-supported, it's easy to manage and monitor the SHIELD MegaFi.

  • HPUE Mobile Router for Enterprise
  • 6x More Powerful than Other Routers
  • Boosts Voice and Data Reliability
  • Extends Coverage and Increases Building Penetration
  • Creates WiFi Hotspot via AT&T Network
  • Supports Band 14 at High Power and Other AT&T Bands at Standard Power
  • Remote Management Support
  • For Mobile, Fixed, or Portable Applications
Who Is It For?
  • Financial Institutions
  • Datacenters
  • IoT
  • Transportation Related Businesses
  • Retail
  • Enterprises with Remote Monitoring Infrastructure
Technical Specifications
Hardware Specifications
Cellular LTE Category Peak D/L Peak U/L 4G LTE Approvals Carrier Compliance
Cat 12 Modem Up to 600 Mbps Up to 150 Mbps 1900(B2), AWS(B4), 700(B12), 700(B14), 700(B17), 700(B29), 2300(B30), 1700(B66) FCC, PTCRB, Wi-Fi Alliance AT&T/FirstNet RoHS

Host Interfaces
5 Gigabit RJ-45 Ethernet port 1 WAN & 4 LAN
1 SIM Slot 3FF MicroSIM
4 SMA antenna connectors 1 Band 14, 1 primary cellular, 1 diversity cellular, 1 GPS
2RP-SMA antenna connectors Dual band Wi-Fi
AAA 802.1 x/Radius Authentication with Wi-Fi and Ethernet
Firewall Port Forwarding and Filtering
WLAN Encryption WPA3 Personal/Enterprise
WLAN MAC Address Filtering
Band Support Dual Band 2.⅘ GHz 2x2 MIMO 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac
Recommended Maximum Users 32 Clients
Security Protocols WPA2 (PSK, EAP), WPA3 (EAP, SEA)

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Should I Get the Enterprise MegaFi?

When your business relies on voice and data for smooth operation, why settle for anything less than the most powerful device? Capable of using Band 14, the only band allowed high-power transmission, it’s 6x more powerful than other mobile routers. Its higher power extends coverage and increases building penetration for reliable connectivity in more places. Connectivity challenges will vanish or diminish significantly, enhancing uptime for transactions, data transfer, communication, surveillance, and more.

Does the MegaFi for Enterprise Only Work with Band 14?

No. In addition to FirstNet Band 14, the MegaFi also supports AT&T bands 2, 4, 5, 12, 17, 29, 30, and 66. High-power mode, however, is only available on Band 14.

Does the MegaFi for Enterprise Need a Professional Installation?

The MegaFi Fixed and MegaGo are both self-installation friendly. A professional installation for the MegFi Mobile is not required but recommended. Drilling may be needed to install the external antenna.

What Can I Expect from the Enterprise MegaFi?

You will notice a more consistent and reliable connection for business applications in areas where maintaining communication has historically been challenging.