Nextivity CEL-FI QUATRA EVO Enterprise Cell Signal Booster


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Nextivity CEL-FI QUATRA EVO Enterprise Cell Signal Booster - Hero
  • Scalable all-digital DAS hybrid for enterprise
  • Industry leading +100 db gain
  • Coverage up to 300,000 sq ft
  • 5G/4G/LTE coverage for up to two cellular networks
  • Adaptable solution - passive donor antennas or active small cell signal source

Options Available:

This enterprise product cannot be sold online. The final price depends on configuration. Contact our signal experts and we can help you design the most cost-effective solution tailored to your specific requirements.
Or call our experts directly Mon-Friday 8AM-5PM CST.

Improve Your In-Building Cellular Signal Immediately

Installing a enterprise cell signal booster system requires a professional's touch. Our team of signal experts will make sure you get coverage where you need it. We have improved indoor cellular coverage in millions of square feet for some of the largest companies in the world.

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Scales to Your Exact Building Size

Cel-Fi QUATRA EVO systems are custom designed by our experts to give you the coverage you need, without killing your budget.

No excess, no waste, no overrun. Just superior coverage to your specifications.

The Ultimate Provider of Reliable Cell Service

The Nextivity QUATRA EVO provides up to +100 dB of gain for up to two cellular networks. That’s hundreds of times more powerful than pure passive DAS systems.

With small cell or passive options, there’s no reason to ever deal with poor signal in your building again.

Carrier-Approved and Unconditionally Network Safe

Pre-approved for immediate deployment by Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, and more, the Cel-Fi QUATRA EVO by Nextivity is ready to go.

Don’t deal with poor signal for a minute longer than you have to.

Covers the Latest in Cellular Technologies

With 5G support, the QUATRA EVO is more future-proof than ever. Everything you would ever want from a cellular network for your business, the QUATRA EVO provides.

Remote Monitoring via the Nextivity WAVE Portal

Cel-Fi QUATRA systems are managed remotely using the cloud-based Nextivity WAVE Portal. The portal enables a number of features, including data modeling, alarms, notifications, and more.

Take control of your cellular network, and make it work for you with QUATRA EVO.

About the Nextivity Cel-Fi QUATRA EVO Enterprise Cell Signal Booster

The Nextivity Cel-Fi QUATRA EVO is a next-generation distributed antenna system, providing 3G/4G/LTE/5G coverage for up to two cellular networks.

The Cel-Fi QUATRA EVO uses Nextivity’s 4th generation IntelliBoost chipset to provide up to 50% more coverage area than the older QUATRA 1000 and 2000 models. It is configurable for up to four bands across two separate carriers. The QUATRA EVO is pre-approved by all carriers and unconditionally network safe.

The QUATRA EVO is a hybrid cellular solution combining the best of active and passive DAS. Self-optimizing and self-configuring, its Nextivity WAVE Portal makes installation and configuration simple. It can be massively scaled using multiple Coverage Units to increase its coverage to up to 300,000 sq ft in strong outdoor signal conditions.

Nextivity’s QUATRA EVO cell phone signal booster is scalable, with up to 5 elements being used in designs:

  • QUATRA EVO Network Unit: The hub of the system. Works with up to six coverage units, or can be used on its own to provide up to 75,000 sq ft of coverage.
  • QUATRA EVO Coverage Unit: Attach up to six coverage units to a single network unit to scale up to 300,000 sq ft of coverage. Each Coverage Unit (CU) is powered by Power-over-Ethernet from the Network Unit.
  • QUATRA EVO Small Cell Interface: Required for small cell installation. A small cell generates its own signal, freeing you from being reliant on existing outdoor signal in your area. The Nextivity Small Cell Interface simplifies RF connections between a small cell and a Network Unit.
  • QUATRA EVO Range Extender: A power-over-ethernet (PoE) device which extends maximum distance between the Network Unit and Coverage Units. Extends cable lengths from ~100 meters (about 328.08 ft) to ~200 meters (about 656.17 ft).
  • Passive Donor and Indoor Antennas: Attached via coaxial cable to collect and distribute the signal provided by the QUATRA system. These can be yagi or omnidirectional, panel or dome depending on your building’s layout and design. Each network or coverage unit can supply up to 16 indoor antennas.

The Cel-Fi QUATRA EVO is housed in cast metal, with an N-type Female RF interface for donor and server ports. Two category cables connect Network Units to Coverage Units for power and increased relay bandwidth. Each Coverage Unit supports a single whip antenna or multiple antennas in passive DAS.

Nextivity’s QUATRA EVO comes with a two-year warranty on any workmanship or material defects. Remote monitoring is available with Nextivity WAVE Portal Cloud management.

To get started in deploying a QUATRA EVO in your building, contact us at 1-800-420-3211.

Who Is It For?
  • Large office buildings
  • Hospitals
  • Retail spaces
  • Multistory buildings
  • Enterprise spaces
Kit Includes

Network Unit Box Contents
  • Network Unit
  • 1x AC Power Cable
  • 4x Mounting Screws
  • 4x Drywall Anchors
  • 1x Cellular Modem Antenna
Coverage Unit Box Contents
  • Coverage Unit
  • 4x Mounting Screws
  • 4x Drywall Anchors
  • 2x Eye Bolt w/ nuts
Technical Specifications
Bands NU Port Downlink (MHz) Uplink (MHz) Tech/Bandwidth Uplink Power (dBm)
2 A & C 1930-1990 1850-1910 5G/4G/20 MHz 22
4 A & C 2110-2155 1710-1755 5G/4G/20 MHz 22
5 A 869-894 824-849 5G/4G/HSPA/20 MHz 20
12 A 729-746 699-716 5G/4G/10 MHz 22
13 C 746-756 777-787 5G/4G/10 MHz 22
25 A & C 1930-1995 1850-1915 5G/4G/20 MHz 22

Network Selection Automatically best available (WAVE Portal for manual setting)
Duplex Modes FDD
# of Relay Bands 4 max
Independent Operators Supported 2 max
Relay Bandwidth per NU Donor Port A or C 20 + 20 MHz max.
CU DL Power (All Public Bands) 16 dBm max.
CU DL Power (PVT Port Band 48) 20 dBm max.
System Gain 100 dB max.
Enterprise-Grade Echo Cancellation 30 dB min.
Noise Figure (All Bands) 7 dB max. at ambient (8 dB max. for Band 13 only)
Return Loss -8 dB max.
UL Transmit EVM 8.5 %, 16-QAM with full RB allocation
DL Transmit EVM 8.5%, E-TM3.1
DL Input Level -120 to -40 dBm
RF Interface Impedance (All Ports) 50 Ω
NU to CU Cable 2x Category Cables ANSI/TIA/EIA 568-B Compliant
NU to CU Cable Distance 328 ft (100 m) (656 ft (200 m) with CEL-FI QUATRA Range Extender) max
Product Settings & SW Updates WAVE Portal for Desktop
QUATRA EVO Network Unit Specs
Donor Port RF Connectors 2x N-type (f) (A|-|C|-)
Power Port IEC C14
Power Control ON/OFF Switch
Cellular Modem Antenna Connector 1x SMA (f)
Cellular Modem GPS Antenna Port 1x SMA (f)
Cellular Modem SIM Nano SIM (Included with 1-year free service)
Status LED (Power/LAN/Modem) Bi-Color Green/Red
Status LED (6x CU Link/SFP+) Green
CU Interface 2x RJ45 per CU
# of CU max. per NU 6
NU-Hub Expansion SFP+
# of CU max per CEL-FI QUATRA EVO Fiber Hub (Q40-Z1FNU) 6
Monitoring & Management LAN RJ45
COMPASS XR and Factory Debug USB 2.0 Micro-B
QUATRA EVO Coverage Unit Specs
Server Antenna RF Connector N-type (f)
NU Connectivity 2x RJ45
Status LED (Power) Bi-Color Green/Red
Status LED(NU Link/Cable Link) Green
Factory Debug Only USB 2.0 Micro-B
Input Voltage 100-240 V
Input Current 3.5 A
Power Consumption 321.3 W max.
Power Cable Type B (US) to IEC C13
Power Supply Cable 18 AWG
Power Supply Cable Length 6 ft (1.8m)
Coverage Unit Power PoE+ per IEEE 802.3at
Operating Temperature 32 to 104°F (0 to 40 °C)
Storage Temperature -31 to 158°F (-35 to 70 °C)
Heat Dissipation Passive Convection
Surface Temperature 111°F (44°C) max. at ambient
Non-condensing Humidity 0 to 95%
Ingress Protection Rating IPX0
FCC Part 15
Part 20
Part 22
Part 24
Part 27
UL Yes

We've partnered with Bolton Install Pros to provide full turnkey integration of in-building wireless (IBW) systems that amplify signal indoors, delivering the signal you need to get the job done. From the first call to post-project, Bolton Install Pros handles every detail personally in-house. Their team of RF engineers, system integrators, designers, and certified signal boost specialists take complete ownership of your project.

If you have any questions about installation please call us at: 1-800-420-3211

  • 1. Assessment
    Site survey

  • 2. System Design
    Data analysis
    Floor plans
    Equipment & Pricing

  • 3. Installation
    Installing equipment Optimization

  • 4. Support
    Monitoring & support

Frequently Asked Questions

Can the QUATRA EVO be set up outdoors?

No. The QUATRA units are not weatherproof and must be set up indoors.

Can you combine both donor antenna feeds?

Yes, if the donor signal is coming from the same direction.

What is the USB on the back of the QUATRA EVO used for?

The USB on the back of the QUATRA EVO is for the Compass XR site survey tool.

Can I make the NU to CU cables more than 330 feet?

Yes. The standard Cat5e cable length maximum is 330 feet, or 660 feet if a QUATRA Range Extender is used halfway along the cable length. 490 feet (984 feet with a QRE) is possible with thicker 22/23 gauge CAT6/7 Ethernet cables.