weBoost Telescoping RV Pole 24 ft

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weBoost Telescoping RV Pole 24 ft
weBoost Telescoping RV Pole 24 ft
  • Great for cabins, RVs, Office Trailers, and Job sites
  • Quick and easy to extend/collapse with cam lever clamps
  • Collapses to 46 inches for easy travel use
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weBoost Telescoping RV Pole 24 ft

About This Product

Compact for easy transportation, the pole collapses down to 46 inches. When deployed, it smoothly extends to any length up to 24 feet, securely locking at your desired height with robust cam lever clamps across its five expandable sections. Elevating antennas with this Telescoping Pole enhances signal reception by overcoming obstacles and ensuring a direct line to cell towers. Additionally, it facilitates optimal separation between external and internal antennas, preventing oscillation cutback and enabling the system to function at full capacity. Crafted for endurance and strength, this pole is designed to accommodate a range of antennas, including Outside Omni Antennas (models 304421, 304422, 304424, 304421), Directional Yagi Antennas (models 314475, 314411), and Outdoor Panel Antennas (models 314453, 314473). Featured as part of the Destination RV package (model 470159), this Telescoping Pole is sold separately from antennas and boosters, serving as an essential standalone mount for enhancing your signal boosting setup.

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