Uniden U60P Professional Cell Signal Booster


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Uniden Uniden U60P Professional Cell Signal Booster
  • Covers up to 2,500 sq ft
  • Professional-grade unit, customizable for any home or office
  • Superior coverage from a wireless tech giant
  • +60 dB of gain, depending on antenna setup and existing signal strength
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Uniden U60P Professional Cell Signal Booster

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From Uniden, the Most Trusted Name in Wireless

Uniden has been a household name for decades, keeping you connected with cordless telephones and CB radios. Now they’ve shifted their focus to cellular and are dedicated to bringing you the highest quality signal booster on the market.

Few things are more frustrating than weak cellular signal causing dropped calls, hanging web pages, frozen video pages, or slow texts. Uniden U60P cellular boosters provide the antidote to your frustration by boosting cellular signals in buildings for all North American cell carriers, including AT&T, Verizon, Sprint and T-Mobile. It greatly enhances cell service for all your wireless devices (smartphones, notebooks, hotspots, etc.). Further, it works regardless of phone model (iPhone, Android, Samsung Galaxy, etc) for up to 10 devices at once.

Bring Great Cellular into Your Home or Business

The Uniden U60P is a professional-grade amplifier. It can be easily placed within a home, whether on a surface or in a closet. It will boost signal strength on all available cellular networks, no matter where you are. Rural, suburban, urban – if you have some cellular signal outside, you’ll get it even stronger inside.

As a professional grade amp, the U60P has more features than a U60C or U65C. In addition to automatic shut off, the U60P has automatic gain control and manual gain control options to allow for thermostat-like control.

The Uniden U60P provides up to +60 dB of gain under best conditions, translating to a maximum of 2,500 sq ft of coverage. Strength of outdoor cellular signal will affect the amount of effective coverage you can expect with a signal booster, including the Uniden U60P. The stronger the signal outside, the more coverage you can expect inside.

Booster Options

There are a few outdoor antenna options and connector options each of which have pros and cons.

Omni Antenna: A simple antenna that can be easily installed on a roof. The best option for strong signal areas, an omni antenna provides the least gain but most total carrier coverage.

Yagi “11” Antenna: A 11” Yagi directional antenna. Needing to be aimed toward your nearest cell tower, a Yagi antenna is a bit harder to install than an omni antenna, but provides higher gain. Better for weaker signal areas.

Uniden U60P Details

No more dropped calls, slow internet, & disrupted service

The Uniden U60P is Uniden’s budget option for small offices. It enhances 4G, 4G LTE, and 3G in an area of up to 2,500 sq. ft.

The Uniden U60P mobile signal booster is useful for people who rely on their cell phones for their offices. If you require a stronger cellular signal to stay in contact with customers, vendors, remote employees, and others, the U60P cell phone signal amplifier can help. It covers up to 2,500 sq ft under best conditions. Real-world results puts it around 500-1000 sq ft. Of course, depending on your outside signal strength and outside antenna mounting option, you may get more or less coverage.

Getting the right cellular setup can be tricky, but we have complete confidence in Uniden’s ability to improve your life. That’s why we offer a 60-day money back guarantee, to ensure you get the right booster and antenna setup for your exact needs. With your purchase, you also get a 2-year warranty, and lifetime technical support from us here at Signal Boosters.

  • Up to 2,500 sq. ft. of coverage under best conditions
  • Best for small offices
  • Works for all carriers across all devices and phones
  • N-Female or F-Female variants
  • Choice of either an omnidirectional or Yagi outdoor antenna
  • Indoor whip antenna for easy installation
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The Uniden U60P signal booster kit
is for:

For the small office size (1.5K to 2.5K sq ft).

Great for: small offices and cabins.

Not recommended for: needing whole building coverage above 2.5K sq ft.

Technical Specifications
Uniden U60P Cell Phone Signal Booster
Frequencies - Uplink 698-716 MHz; 776-787 MHz; 824-849 MHz; 1850-1915 MHz; 1710-1755 MHz
Frequencies - Downlink 734-746 MHz; 746-757 MHz; 869-894 MHz; 1930-1990 MHz; 2110-2155 MHz
Max Gain 60 decibels (dB)
Impedance 50 Ohm
Power Input AC 90 ~ 240V, Output DC 12 V / 5 A
Connectors N-Female
Dimensions 200 x 117 x 40 mm
Weight 1 kgs (Booster Only)


This is a CONSUMER device. BEFORE USE, you MUST REGISTER THIS DEVICE with your wireless provider and have your provider's consent. Most wireless providers consent to the use of signal boosters. Some providers may not consent to the use of this device on their network. If you are unsure, contact your provider. You MUST operate this device with approved antennas and cables as specified by the manufacturer. Antennas MUST be installed at least 20 cm (8 inches) from any person. You MUST cease operating this device immediately if requested by FCC or a licensed wireless service provider.

Kit Includes
Uniden U60P Amplifier
Outside Directional Antenna
Low Loss Coaxial Cable - 30ft
Inside Antenna
Power Supply

Installing any consumer signal booster setup is fairly simple. There are five steps:

  1. Install Outside Antenna.
  2. Connect to the Amplifier.
  3. Connect all cables.
  4. Power on.

The most “difficult” part is installing the Outside Antenna.

You’ll need some general handyman skills but nothing too specialized. If you prefer having someone else do the job, you can also contact your local general contractor, electrician, or anyone who’s installed a satellite TV dish.

Let’s start:

  1. Find The Best Outside Signal: egin by finding the best signal outside your house. This is done by walking around the perimeter of your home and either using the number of bars on your phone (ok method), smartphone apps (good method), or Field Test Mode (great method) to find the best location. Pro tip: Locating the side of your home getting the best signal is the MOST CRUCIAL step of the installation process.
  2. Install Outside Antenna: The area with the best signal is where you will mount the Outside Antenna. Place the antenna as high up as possible, ideally on the roof, although the fascia or gable is acceptable. It’s important that the Outside Antenna should be on or near the edge of the roof pointing away from the house to the cell tower and NOT pointing across the roof since it may cause interference with the Inside Antenna.
  3. Connect to Amplifier: Once the Outside Antenna is mounted, connect the included RG-6 cable to the Outside Antenna and to the “Outside Antenna” port on the amplifier. Some run cable into the attic, others prefer using the window-entry cable. It’s all a matter of preference and aesthetics and where you want to locate the amplifier. Pro tip: The amplifier does all the heavy lifting for boosting signal and will get warm. Keep it in a well-ventilated area.
  4. Install Inside Antenna: Once the cable is connected to the “Outside Antenna” port of the amplifier, do the same for the “Inside Antenna” port. Some prefer having the Inside Antenna mounted on the ceiling, others prefer the wall, and some prefer using the stand and placing it in a well-trafficked area. Again, it’s all a matter of preference and aesthetics. The most important point is to have the inside antenna located in the area you need signal the most. Pro tip: Having enough separation between the two antennas prevents oscillation. Make sure there is at least 20 feet vertical or 50 feet horizontal distance between the two.
  5. Power on: Plug in the power supply to the Amplifier and to the wall outlet. The amplifier will sync up and if you see all green lights, then green means GO! Check to see near the inside antenna how much better signal you’re getting. Pro tip: Any post-installation adjustments like relocating the Omni Antenna will require rebooting the amplifier. Simply unplug the power supply for 5-10 seconds and replug to reboot the system.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Many Cellular Devices Can the Uniden U60P Support at One Time?

The Uniden U60P can support numerous devices. However, we tend to suggest a maximum of 15. Should you need more, we recommend a more powerful booster, such as the Uniden Enterprise series.

Why are the LED Lights Turning Orange, Red, or Shutting Off?

There are certain cases where your system could be experiencing oscillation. This can be attributed to either the quality of your input signal or having your signal (outdoor) antenna and distribution (indoor) antenna too close together. Please review the following guidelines to help resolve this issue:

  1. Adjust the direction of the signal (outdoor) antenna. If the system is receiving a very high input signal, you can point your signal (outdoor) antenna away from the cellular tower to reduce the strength of the input signal and therefore, reduce the oscillation. Alternatively, if your system is receiving a very poor-quality signal (weak and unusable signal), you can point your signal (outdoor) antenna more directly towards the cellular tower to increase the strength of the input signal. Sometimes this may require completely repositioning the antenna to a location where you can achieve a line of site to the tower.
  2. Increase the separation between the signal (outdoor) antenna and the distribution (indoor) antenna. This can be achieved by increasing the distance between the two antennas or by placing barriers between them, such as moving the distribution (indoor) antenna to an adjacent room where there would be an additional wall separating them from the signal (outdoor) antenna.
What are the differences between the Uniden U60P and the U60C and U65C? What About Between the U60P and the U65P and U70P?

The “C” series of Uniden boosters are lower-priced consumer units, and thus have fewer features. They are lower-powered as well.

“P” series boosters have higher uplink/downlink power, an easy-to-read LED screen readout, and generally cover more area.

The model numbers (60, 65, 70) represent amplifier power. These model numbers represent the maximum dB gain of the respective boosters. The higher the number, the greater the maximum power.

We recommend boosters with the highest power when:

  • You need to cover more area
  • You have weaker outside signal

Get the most powerful booster you can if you live in a weak signal area. You’ll see the difference in coverage.

I Installed the Uniden U60P and My Signal is Still Weak. Help?

In order to correct a weak signal, these are your best options:

  • Adjust the aim of the outdoor antenna or replace it with a higher gain antenna.
  • Move the indoor antenna.
  • Increase or decrease the number of distribution (indoor) antenna.
  • Purchase a more powerful signal booster.

If your antenna setup is full of low-gain antennas with high-loss cable, you will see decreased results. Similarly, if you have too many indoor antennas, you are reducing the power of each individual antenna. However, if you’re expecting one antenna to cover your entire complicated layout, that is unlikely as well.

If all this sounds complicated, that’s because it can be. Call us at 1-800-470-6777 with any questions – toll free.

Why Don’t I Have More Bars with a Signal Booster?

You may not always observe more bars on your signal meter because of the signal spreading out from the antenna. Decibels are measured on a logarithmic scale; if your phone has a db meter, adding 3db is a significant increase of 2 times, 6db is 4 times, and 10db is 10 times.

Bars are subjective and not a good way to measure the efficacy of your booster. If you’re not receiving any noticeable gain in dB measurement, then there is likely another problem – either oscillation between your antennas, not having enough gain amongst your components, or having too weak outside signal.

Does the Uniden U60P Work Inside of an Apartment or Multi-Family Housing Unit Like a Condo or Townhome?

It can. However, you will need to be able to access to your roof or elevated area to install the outside antenna and have permission from your landlord or the building owner.

Do I Need to Contact My Carrier for the Uniden U60P to Work?

Registration with your carrier is required by FCC regulations. Instructions will be provided with your U60P signal booster, and the process takes roughly 5 minutes.

Can the Uniden U60P Be Expanded With More/Stronger Antennas?

Yes! Bear in mind that this should be done primarily in areas with strong outside signal, but adding antennas can more evenly distribute the signal in your building or home and improve its overall performance.

Can the Input Signal from Your Cell Phone be Password Protected?

No, you cannot protect cellular signal with a password. Everyone who enters your home or office will receive boosted signal.

What is the Return Policy?

All Uniden systems, including the U60P, can be returned within 90 days. It also comes with a 2 year warranty.

Please call us at 1-800-470-6777 for a free consultation and answers to any other questions you might have.

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