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Texas State Trooper Looks for Robust Cell Phone Booster

State Troopers, a division of the Texas Department of Public Safety, play a crucial role in keeping Texas roads safe for everyone. They focus on stopping dangerous criminals and investigating rural traffic accidents. To effectively carry out these responsibilities, dependable cellular service is crucial.


Given the vast terrains and remote highways State Troopers patrol, reliable cell phone reception can often be compromised. Reliable cell phone signal is essential for phone calls, accessing critical information, and coordination.

Signal Boosters was contacted to find a better cell phone signal boosting system that is both reliable and robust enough to withstand high winds.


After their free consultation, our expert recommended the Bolton Technical Velocity Trucker Cell Phone Signal Booster. It boasts a powerful Velocity amplifier paired with the robust Blade OTR outdoor antenna designed to resist swaying and wind noise. Receiving the best signal possible while parked on the side of a rural road or during a high-speed chase would no longer be a problem.

Blade Closeup
Velocity Booster Under Seat Blade and Door With DPS Logo


Once the system was installed, State Trooper officers were able to drive over 100 MPH without the antenna flapping around, breaking, or making lots of noise. Versatile mounting options allowed for optimal setup. Cell service inside the vehicle proved exceptionally dependable, keeping all necessary devices connected.

If your emergency vehicle suffers from poor cellular service, don’t hesitate. Get in touch with Signal Boosters today for a free 30-minute consultation.

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