Bolton Omni XL – Outdoor Omni Antenna – Bolton Technical

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Ultra Wideband Omni Antenna
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  • Versatile Omnidirectional Outdoor Antenna
  • High Gain, Up to 9 dBi
  • Ultrawideband, 617 – 3800 MHzFor 50 Ohm RF Systems
  • Robust and Weather Resistant
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Bolton Omni XL – Outdoor Omni Antenna – Bolton Technical

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The Ultimate Antenna for Any Setting or Application

The powerful Omni Antenna by Bolton Technical is designed for 50 Ohm cell phone signal boosters or cellular routers. Versatile, it’s ideal for commercial, industrial, residential, mobile, or M2M/IoT applications in rural and urban areas.

Ultra Wideband Antenna

No Signal Left Behind

Omnidirectional, the Omni effectively captures 4G and 5G cellular signals from cellular towers in any direction and delivers them even stronger to your cellular booster or cellular router.

Future-Proof Connectivity

Ultrawideband performance allows operation from 617 to 3800 MHz. This includes Band 71 (617-698 MHz) as well as CBRS Band 48 (3400 to 3800 MHz). Omni will work for the next decade and beyond.

High Gain Omni Antenna
Every Industry

Maximize Signal Strength

Get the strongest signal possible no matter where you are, rural or urban. The antenna offers consistently high gain, up to 9 dBi, across its entire frequency range.

About the Bolton Technical Sector

The Bolton Technical Omni antenna is a high-performing ultra-wideband outdoor cellular antenna that captures existing 4G and 5G signals across the 617-3800 MHz. That includes Band 71 and CBRS Band 48.

With up to 9 dBi gain, it delivers a stronger signal directly to your 50 Ohm cellular signal booster or cellular router. Compared to the Bolton Technical All ‘Rounder, it’s almost twice as powerful.

Versatile, it’s perfect for homes and businesses in rural or urban environments. It can also be used on RVs and boats. By capturing signals in a 360-degree pattern, it's super easy and fast to install.

  • Ultra-Wideband Omnidirectional Outdoor Antenna
  • Supports Band 71 and CBRS Band 48
  • Up to 9 dBi Gain
  • For 50 Ohm Systems
  • Easy Installation
  • Versatile Applications
Who Is It For?
  • For homes, businesses, mobile, and IoT/M2M applications in urban or rural areas.
  • For those who want to capture all relevant carrier signals.
  • For those who prefer a plug-and-play installation.
Technical Specifications
Bolton Omni XL
Frequency MHz - 617-960, 1427-1517, 1710-2700, 3400-3800
Typical Gain -6, 6, 9, 8
Max Gain 9 db
Input Impedance 50 Ohm
Polarization type Vertical
Max Power W 50
Item No. BT684328
Kit Includes
  • Ultra-wideband Omnidirectional Outdoor Antenna - BT684328
  • Mounting Hardware

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