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Biggest Misconceptions About Cellular Signal Boosters

Biggest Misconceptions About Cellular Signal Boosters

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Installer Insights is provided by industry experts and professionals of residential and commercial cellular DAS and WiFi installation and integrations. This week features Abdul Khan, an installer with over 2 years experience in designing, selling, and installing commercial signal booster solutions. He lives in Richmond, TX and enjoys samurai films, dogs, race cars, and tacos.

How’s everyone doing? Today I’ll be discussing a few common misconceptions about cell phone signal boosters that we as installers are confronted with on a regular basis.

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Signal Boosters are Not WiFi Systems

A lot of people think our boosters connect to their existing WiFi service to amplify their cellular signal. Nope! Our boosters work entirely around radio wave frequencies and functions completely separate from your Internet.

A cell phone signal booster functions by taking existing outdoor signal, amplifying it, and rebroadcasting it within a confined space. The start and finish of the installation for an amplifier is critical. But once powered on, you will have better cell phone service than you did before.

This is great, because there is no internet slowdown or bandwidth usage associated with our devices. In fact, by boosting 4G signal, the data speeds on your cellular device will actually increase!

There are No Monthly Fees for Our Boosters

Another common fear our customers have is that by buying one of our systems, they’ll be locked in to some sort of monthly payment scheme. Not so! Our boosters are a one-time only purchase, and the only ongoing payment you’ll have to make is the normal electricity cost.

We do not rent our boosters. The fee you pay when purchasing one of our systems is a total ownership fee. Boil, mash, or stick your booster in a stew - it’s all up to you what you do with your system once you’ve paid for it. We wholeheartedly recommend sticking to the designs our experts have painstakingly built for you, though - they know what they’re doing.

The exceptions to the monthly fee rule are boosters with cloud functionality (the Wilson 1000C, Surecall Force 5, Cel-Fi Quatra 1000 & 2000, and any Public Safety system). This cloud functionality allows for remote monitoring of the amplifiers, and is an entirely optional feature. Should you decide to get this feature, the booster is yours, but the cloud service has a monthly cost. Fortunately, purchasing these systems comes with at least a year of cloud service built in.

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Our Systems Run Off Coaxial Cable, Not Ethernet

A common misconception we deal with is when it comes to running cable. Many customers are surprised to see us running coaxial cable and not ethernet lines when we set up their signal boosting systems. Most IT professionals deal with ethernet, not coaxial, and the process is a little different.

Coaxial cable is harder to pull than ethernet, and tends to have shorter cable runs. Depending on the type of coaxial cable your system requires, bend radius of the cable can also be a factor. If you need an industrial grade cable such as the beefy AL4 RPV-50 or the LDF4-50 (colloquially known as “half inch” cable grades), it can be extremely difficult to bend these cables. Most systems, however, run the comparatively straightforward LMR-400 or LMR-600 grade cable, which have far fewer problems with bend radius.

Once again, however, I have to mention an exception to this rule: the Cel-Fi Quatra 1000 and Cel-Fi Quatra 2000 do in fact use ethernet cable for their inside antenna runs. If you buy one of these systems, you can trust your installers to use the more familiar power-over-ethernet cable run methods you might be more familiar with.

That’s all I can think of! I hope this helped answer some of your more pressing concerns about our signal booster systems. Thanks for reading!

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Abdul Khan
14th Nov 2018

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