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Innovative Automation:
Ontario, Canada


Innovative Automation is a global leader in automation with solutions in assembly, robotics, testing, and welding.



Installation Type:

In-Building Cellular Solution

Building Size:

62,000 sq. ft.

Cellular Coverage for 62,000+ sq. ft. Manufacturing Plant.


With no cell service throughout their newly built 62,000 sq ft fabrication and development plant, employees and managers needed a solution to get any kind of cellular service. It was difficult to get reception for Telus and Rogers in the lower floor due to the upper level concrete floors blocking signal.

Scott MacLennan, network administrator for Innovative Automation, was tasked to look for a fast and inexpensive solution that wouldn’t take much of his time while still providing the necessary quality of work environment for people to do their jobs.


After contacting our Install Pro Team, our systems design engineers took a deep dive into the floor plans to map out problems areas such as metal studs and ceiling material and height.

Our Install Pro Team recommended a WilsonPro 4000 which covers up to 100,000 sq ft for general coverage and a WilsonPro 1000 for high priority areas. Both amplifiers improve 3G & 4G LTE for all carriers and provided the company’s 100+ people with reliable reception for Bell, Rogers, and Telus.


After installation we have full signal throughout the building, We literally went from 0 % to 100% in some areas of the plant.

This is a ‘set it and forget it’ install. Once it was powered up, our cell services were back and there were no more issues. Excellent product. Installation was painless.

Scott MacLennan
Network Administrator
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