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Hero Martial Arts

HERO Martial Arts Academy: Spring, Texas


Hero Martial Arts Academy is a community based martial arts school based in Spring, TX. They teach numerous disciplines of martial arts to both children and adults.



Installation Type:

In-Building Cellular Solution

Building Size:

6,500 sq. ft.

Cell Signal Inside 6,500 sq ft Hero Martial Arts Academy a Hit


As you walk into Hero Martial Arts Academy, you’re greeted with the sound of upwards of thirty children practicing battle cries, shouting “KIAI!” in unison. Despite the pounding of a Texas rainstorm on its metal roof, the cries can be heard anywhere in the building.

hero martial arts academy

This is the discipline expected of students of Hero Martial Arts Academy, based in Spring, TX. Separated into two large training halls, students of all ages practice martial arts disciplines such as taekwondo, jiu-jitsu, and more. Areas for proud parents and siblings are sectioned off from the practice floor, which is padded for safety.

Today, Raymond Daniels, famed MMA fighter and current Bellator Kickboxing Welterweight Champion, is teaching a special class. The children are lined up, taking instructions. Academy founder and Head Instructor Josh Arcemont stands behind them, occasionally setting foot on the mat to give an individual student a bit of instruction. Each and every student, regardless of age or temperament, listen to his words with the utmost respect.

Parents and onlookers watch the proceedings intently. Many are on their phones, snapping pictures of their loved ones and sharing them. Others are livestreaming the proceedings to their social media accounts.

This would have been impossible only recently. The metal roofing and interior walls did an admirable job reflecting cellular signal, and in a downpour like the one this afternoon, there would have been no signal inside the building.

Now, however, there’s more than enough signal for a room full of people to live stream, post, and surf the net - and that’s just the data side of things.

hero martial arts case study
Girl in a jacket
“We heavily rely on cell signal for our business,” Arcemont says. “We really get a lot of good buzz and publicity from parents who share what their kids are doing here. It really helps our mission.”

And that’s not all. Classes with up to 30 students each can present unique challenges when it comes to safety.

“If we don’t have cell signal, if there were an emergency, we’d have to waste time running outside,” Arcemont explains. “During big events, the building can have several hundred people inside. We simply can’t afford not to be prepared.”


hero martial signal

The Install Pro Team partnered with SureCall to find the perfect signal amplifier to solve these issues. They agreed on the SureCall Fusion5X 2.0 commercial cellular amplifier and a four antenna design, and set to work.

Installation was a breeze: the install team set up two outdoor yagi antennas on the outer roof, punched a small hole in the side of the building to run the cable through, sealed it back up, then installed the amplifier in a utility closet. Cables were then run to a splitter to accommodate the four antenna setup.

The 6,500 square foot facility was completely covered with superior signal, and the antennas were strategically placed in areas where parents, siblings, and onlookers would gather.
t mobile verizon signal sprint signal cricket signal

dB readings were massively improved across the board. AT&T went from an average of -122 to -77. Verizon went from -111 to -72. T-Mobile went from -120 to -72. Sprint went from -120 to -85. In short, from barely usable to crystal clear with one simple solution.


“The difference is night and day,” Arcemont said. “You saw it yourself - parents on their phones, sharing video of their kids. They never used to be able to do that. I’m especially happy we got them working before Raymond Daniels got here. This will be huge for us.”

The Bellator fighter continues instructing the kids, while the parents continue to use their phones. Few if any are aware of the great change Hero Martial Arts Academy has seen to allow their devices to function, but longtime staffers appreciate it. Just how it should be.

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