Hotspot M2M TS9 Yagi Antenna Signal Booster Kit

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Hotspot M2M TS9 Yagi Antenna Signal Booster Kit
Machine-to-Machine Kit for TS9 Cellular Routers
  • Boosts cellular signal for your cellular modem
  • Get consistent data and internet with better signal for your router
  • Yagi antenna for greater reach to nearest cell tower
  • For any TS9 cellular router
  • Best for areas far from cell tower, or buildings t
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Hotspot M2M TS9 Yagi Antenna Signal Booster Kit

About the Hotspot SMA Omni Antenna Expansion Pack

The Hotspot Yagi Antenna Expansion Pack (for TS9 Female Routers) is a perfect complement to any cellular hotspot, as long as it can be plugged in via your cellular antenna port. It will greatly increase the power of your signal, bypassing building material and bringing enhanced signal directly to your hotspot. This results in more reliable internet service for you and your family via the cellular network.

The WilsonPro IoT 5-Band (SKU: 460119) is the premier 4G M2M and Internet of Things signal booster. With up to +15 dB gain of power, it greatly enhances 4G LTE and 3G cell signal for any machine-to-machine device. There are no monthly fees nor does it need to be connected to any internet source (wifi or landline) to work. It simply amplifies your existing cellular service up to 32X for faster, more reliable data and Internet of Things communication.

Wilson Electronics yagi donor antennas capture signal in a 45 degree “flashlight” radius, allowing for higher gain at a point of entry than their cousins, the omni-directional antenna. This requires a little more work to aim, but is frequently the best option for getting you improved signal, as these can work far better than an omnidirectional antenna when set up properly. This pack has a wideband outdoor antenna that captures existing cellular signal across the 700-2170 MHz frequencies.

This pack comes with:

  • Wilson M2M signal booster
  • One high-quality Wilson Electronics Yagi Antenna
  • A 10 inch Pole Mount
  • 50 feet length of Wilson400 cable
  • 2 feet length of Wilson400 cable
  • 50 Ohm Wilson Lightning Surge Protector
  • N-Female to SMA-Male Connector
  • SMA-Male to N-Male Connector
  • TS-9 to N-Female Jumper Cable

This expansion kit is designed for those who rely primarily on cellular signal to connect to the internet or want to set up a parallel network. The outside antenna bypasses troublesome building material to bring the existing outdoor cell signal directly to your router, greatly increasing its output. This pack is designed for routers with TS9 connector ports.

We recommend this M2M yagi pack primarily for rural or suburban areas. For areas with weak outside signal, we recommend one of our M2M cellular modem kits.

  • Broadcast 3G & 4G LTE signal indoors
  • For 50 ohm systems
  • Up to +10.4 dB gain
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Tech Specs

Hotspot M2M TS9 Yagi Antenna Signal Booster Kit - WA974488
Frequency & Gain
700-800 MHz - 7.3 dB

824-894 MHz - 8.1 dB

880-960 MHz - 7.4 dB

1710-1880 MHz - 9.2 dB

1850-1990 MHz - 10.6 dB

2110-2170 MHz - 10.4 dB

Max Gain 50 decibels (dB)
Power 12V / 3.3A
Impedance 50 Ohms
Maximum Input Power 100W
Connectors SMA
UPC 850016974488
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