CHI St. Luke’s Health
Memorial In Lufkin, TX


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Installation Type:

In-Building Cellular Solution

Building Size:

90,000 sq. ft.



wilsonpro signal booster

Better Connected, Better Care: Learn How CHI St. Luke’s Health Memorial Lufkin Improved Their Cellular Connectivity.


Built in the 1940s and with subsequent additional construction in the decades since, CHI St Luke’s Health Memorial Hospital in Lufkin, Texas did not have any cellular reception, especially in crucial areas such as patient floors, medical staff meeting rooms, and operating rooms.

Getting in contact immediately with doctors and nurses was like “being in a dungeon,” which hampered the hospital’s quality service and speed to care.

But even with a plan to improve the hospital’s cellular coverage and service, budgetary needs demanded not only an effective solution but also a low-cost solution.

Everyone complained about the signal anywhere in the hospital, especially up on the patient floors, you couldn't get a phone signal.

David Glenn
President & Chief Medical Officer, Memorial Clinics


After briefly considering DAS (distributed antenna system), CHI St Luke’s Health went with a commercial cell phone signal booster solution from WilsonPro.

At only 25% of the cost of DAS, the WilsonPro signal booster solution was installed in a week’s time (compared to months for DAS), covered priority areas in the hospital, and worked right away with little to no maintenance.

  • Cost Effective - Cost 75% Less than DAS.
  • Reliable Coverage – Highest Downlink Power.
  • Up to 32x Stronger Signal.
  • Scalable Custom Design.
  • Plug-&-Play - No Maintenance Required.


Immediate impact. Physicians, nurses, and staff are now able to communicate instantly without frustrating wait times. Because of the better connection, daily life in the hospital is much more responsive and pleasant which leads to better care.

We noticed the impact almost immediately. It was very quick and very functional. That’s really what you need – something that is low cost, low maintenance, and just works.

Seann Robinson
Voice Data Network Engineer
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