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Bolton Technical Launches Brand New Webstore

Bolton Technical Launches Brand New Webstore

Written By Signal Boosters
24th May 2021

Bolton Technical Launches Brand New Webstore

Our partners at Bolton Technical have launched their new website.

Bolton is our go-to choice for cellular signal boosting accessories, including The Long Ranger and Bolton400 coaxial cable. They provide exceptionally high quality accessories at below market price, making customizing and protecting your signal booster system extremely easy.

They have been expanding their product offerings rapidly, and have recently launched The Crossbow as a MIMO option for cellular hotspots. They assure us that more products are on the way.

They also have intriguing partnership options, including discounts on bulk sales.

Where to Buy Bolton

You can buy Bolton accessories on their website, or right here on SignalBoosters, the exclusive carrying partner of Bolton Technical in the United States. Give us a call at 1-800-470-6777 to get started.

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