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75 Ohm - F-Female Window Entry Cable

SKU: BT459921

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75 Ohm - F-Female Window Entry Cable
  • 75 Ohm Ultra-Low Loss Coaxial Cable
  • Flat profile
  • Works with any RF system
  • Designed for indoor or outdoor use
  • Dielectric strength up to 1.0 kV
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Bolton Technical Reseller
75 Ohm - F-Female Window Entry Cable

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High grade flat coax cable designed for windows, from Bolton Technical

Solid copper clad steel core cable with a durable black PVC jacket. This cable will fit neatly under a closed window, perfect for apartments. Set your antenna up outside and run the cable inside without having to drill holes in your wall.

Ultra-low loss, this cable offers an attenuation of 3.25 for 74 Ohm and 1.65 for 50 Ohm at 2200 MHz. A minimum bending radius of 25 mm makes this cable flexible enough for all your outdoor and indoor coax cable needs.

Max attenuation: