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  • Wilson 304475 Outside 75 Ohm Directional Antenna WideBand 700-2500 MHz, with 2" inch pole mount
  • Wilson 304475 Outside 75 Ohm Directional Antenna WideBand 700-2500 MHz, with 2" inch pole mount, with 2 mounting brackets

weBoost (Wilson) 314475 Directional Antenna | Wide-Band

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    weBoost (Wilson Electronics) 314475 Yagi Antenna

    Quick Summary

    • Directional antenna
    • Mounting hardware included
    • Designed for fixed installations


    The Wilson's 304475 wide band outside building antenna improves signal transmission between your Wilson amplifier and your nearest cellular signal tower and features up to 10.6 dB of gain. It is designed for fixed installations and must be pointed to the nearest cellular signal tower.


    • Designed to be installed outside of a building, pointing towards the nearest cellular signal tower
    • Compatible to work with 50 Ohm amplifiers and accessories

    Package Includes:

    • Wilson 301210 Multi-Band Desktop Antenna with SMA Male connector
    • 5 feet RG174 Coax cable
    Technical Specifications
    FREQUENCY 700/850/900/1700/1900/2100 MHz
    700-800 MHz GAIN 7.3 dBi
    824-894 MHz GAIN 8.1 dBi
    880-960 MHz GAIN 7.4
    1710-1880 MHz GAIN 9.2 dBi
    1850-1990 MHz GAIN 10.6 dBi
    2110-2170 MHz GAIN 10.4 dBi
    IMPEDANCE 75 ohms
    MAXIMUM POWER 100 Watts
    RADIATION Directional
    POLARIZATION Vertical Plane
    CONNECTOR F-Female
    Material Aluminium
    Length 11.42 inches / 29 cm
    Weight 3.31 lbs / 1.5 Kg
    Brackets Max OD 2 inches
    DOCUMENTATION Installation Guide


    Signalboosters.com is an official reseller of weBoost. Email us at sales@signalboosters.com or call 1-800-470-6777 if you have any questions or comments. Our friendly Texas-based certified customer support is ready to help and serve.

    Mount the antenna in the vertical position in an elevated and unobstructed place such as roof or high outside wall, away from other antennas, glass windows, and metal objects. Antenna should be as high and unobstructed as possible. Locating your nearby cellular tower used by your carrier and moving/directing your antenna towards it is very important for optimal installation of any outdoor antennas in a line-of-sight with the tower. Follow antenna-specific installations instructions for details.

    weBoost (Wilson) 314475 Directional Antenna Installation Guide

    Outside Antennas:
    Wide Band
    75 Ohms
    Connector Type:
    Wilson Electronics
    Antenna Type:
    Building Outside