Texas Fabrication Company Case Study

Texas Fabrication Company Bellville, TX


Texas Fabrication Company

Building Type:

Manufacturing Plant

Installation Type:

Complete In-Building 5G/4G LTE Cellular Coverage for All Carriers and Devices

Building Size:

30,000 sq. ft.

Massive Fabricating Plant, Terrible Unusable Cell Signal Inside


Texas Fabrication Company is a manufacturing company based in Bellville, TX. Their operational facility consists of a handful of metal buildings, the largest being upwards of 30,000 sq ft. Bellville is a smaller town, and Texas Fabrication Company lies on its outskirts, miles from its nearest cell tower. Combine this with the metal roof of the buildings, and it comes as no surprise that cellular signal iswas unusable inside.

Looking to upgrade their equipment, Texas Fabrication realized, without strong cellular, some of the machines they were looking at installing would not work function optimally properly.

The president of Texas Fabrication knew this couldn't stand, so he got in touch with Signal Boosters.


The Signal Boosters team recommended the brand new Fusion5X Max from SureCall. The location of the building, as well as the building's size, made the Fusion5X Max a great option. What's more, the Bolton Install Pro Team was excited to try out the new booster with its patented Extended Range Technology (ERT) which amplifies the cellular signal outside the building and is designed for buildings that are at the very edge of the cell network. Installing the new amplifier piece was new to the Install Pro Team, but once they saw its design, they found a good area to place it and were off to the racesand running.

SureCall Fusion5X Max close up

The premises consisted of large, wide open spaces where fabrication and manufacturing took place, as well as numerous hallways and smaller rooms. These hallways and smaller rooms had drop-tile ceilings, where the omni-directional dome antennas could be easily installed. The biggest challenge was installing interior antennas in the fabricating areas. For this, the Install Pro Team utilized the power of the Fusion5X Max to install more dome antennas than would otherwise be possible, owing to the Max's ability to handle up to 12 interior antennas.


The results were night and day.

I never used to be able to get cell signal in my office," said Texas Fab Co.'s president. "Now I can. It's great!"

Justin Magyar, the Bolton Install Pro Team's Installation Project Manager, had this to say.

"The Fusion5X Max was a little bit of a learning curve for new to our team at first, but once we got it hooked up, we really liked the results. It seems like it brings in signal of higher quality than other boosters in its class. We didn't see any real difference in signal strength versus a The incoming signal strength is similar to competitors, but the difference in signal quality is much clearer. Plus its scalable, so we can install a good number of antennas, and its cloud features make it attractive to us integrators. I look forward to having my team use this new booster a lot in the future."

For the SignalBoosters team, it was an exciting way to test SureCall's innovative new technology, and to give our customers exactly what they need. If you have a home, office, enterprise building, or any other space in challenging signal areas that needs a signal cellular or WiFi boost, don't hesitate to call Signal Boosters at 1-800-420-3211 for a free consultation, and see how consistent cellular or WiFi signal can improve your life.

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