Nextivity Smart Server Antenna

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Nextivity Smart Server Antenna
  • Omnidirectional Coverage
  • Built-In Zigbee Router for Sensor Connectivity
  • Central Management Platform
  • Compatible with Cel-Fi and SHIELD Boosters
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Improve Your In-Building Cellular Signal Immediately

Installing a Nextivity Smart Server Antenna cell signal booster system requires a professional's touch. Our team of signal experts will make sure you get coverage where you need it. We have improved indoor cellular coverage in millions of square feet for some of the largest companies in the world.

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Superior 4G/5G Connectivity & Building Safety

The Nextivity Smart Server Antenna is the most innovative omnidirectional indoor antenna available. Not only does it deliver public and private 4G/5G cellular services inside a building, but also enhances safety in public buildings using AI.

Enhanced Safety with Sound Analysis

Unlike any other cellular antenna on the market, the Smart Server Antenna is able to analyze sounds via a microphone to detect and locate gunshots. AI algorithm processes, categorizes gunshot events, and relays information to emergency management platform for rapid and accurate response.

IoT Sensor Integration Simplified

With a built-in Zigbee router, the Smart Server Antenna can connect IoT sensors to the in-building wireless network. It supports occupancy sensors, temperature sensors, vape detection sensors, and other application-specific sensor devices.

Streamlined Management

All information can be aggregated into a central platform, making it easiest to monitor and manage coverage, network health, signal strength, sensor data, and other critical parameters.

About the Nextivity Smart Server Antenna

The Nextivity Smart Server Antenna is a next-generation low-profile omnidirectional indoor antenna. Featuring AI (Artificial Intelligence) and ML (Machine Learning) technology, it does more than just broadcast cellular signals throughout a building.

Built with an omnidirectional microphone, this smart antenna captures sound events to detect gunshots, enabling faster and more accurate response efforts. What’s more, the antenna can connect to Zigbee-enabled sensors and send aggregated raw sensor data to a central interface. The management platform provides real-time data on signal strength, coverage, and other critical parameters.

Designed to be integrated with Nextivity solutions, the Smart Server Antenna significantly improves safety in public buildings, such as schools, retail stores, shopping centers, parking garages, and the like.

  • Omnidirectional Coverage
  • Provides Public and Private 4G/5G Cell Service
  • Acoustic Gunshot Detection
  • Sensor Integration
  • CEL-FI and SHIELD Compatibility
  • Remote Management Support
Technical Specifications
Electrical Specifications
Frequency Bands 450 600, 700 800, 900 1700, 1800 1900, 2000, 2100, 2300, 2400, 2500, 2600 3300, 3500, 3600, 3700, 3800 Compliance
Average Gain (dB Typ.) 2.2 2.5 3.3 3.3 3.8 3.3
Return Loss (dB Typ.) -7
BLE Frequency (MHz) 2402-2480 for path loss measurement and design optimization using WAVE PRO app
BLE Output Power (dBm) -8
Input Voltage (VDC) -3.3 to 13.2
Impedance 50
Polarization Horizontal
Antenna Technology SISO
Radiation Pattern Omni
Input Power (W Max) 2 W
Connector 2N-type (f)
Pigtail Cable 0.82 ft (0.25 m) Black Jacket RG402

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Choose the Nextivity Smart Server Antenna?

This is not your run-of-the-mill cellular antenna that only broadcasts cellular signals. It also detects gunshots and connects to application-specific sensors in the building. Nextivity designed this smart antenna to aid in building safety and rapid response. If you already need a Nextivity system to improve cellular coverage, why not pair it with Smart Server Antennas to enhance situational awareness for in-building safety?

Where Can the Smart Server Antenna be Used?

As long as it’s paired with a Nextivity CEL-FI or SHIELD system, it can be deployed in practically any building. Examples include schools, retail stores, malls, and parking garages.

Does It Record All Sound?

Sounds are not recorded, ensuring privacy. When sound is detected, it is processed inside the antenna to determine whether it is or isn't a gunshot event.

How Does Gunshot Detection Work?

When the antenna detects a sound, AI algorithm classifies it as gunshots or not gunshots. Typically, multiple Smart Serve Antennas will hear the event and respond with information regarding the sound, increasing location accuracy. The likelihood of gunshot and location information is sent to emergency platforms real-time from where further action may be taken.

Is Antenna Easy to Install?

Yes. Small and lightweight, the antenna provides installation flexibility on dropped or hard ceilings with included mounting accessories. Low profile, it blends right in.

Can I Pair the Smart Server Antenna with Any Cell Phone Signal Booster System?

No. It is designed to be used with the Nextivity solutions, including CEL-FI QUATRA Active DAS Hybrid systems and SHIELD public safety ERCES.

What Bands Does this Antenna Support?

It supports frequencies ranging from 450 to 3800 MHz, which includes public cellular, public safety, and private networking.