Frequently Asked Questions

How much does an installed system cost?

It depends on how much equipment you buy and how much labor will cost. Call us at 1-800-420-3211 for a free quote.

Are the systems 5G capable?

Not as of yet.

What is the max distance that I can run a cable?

It depends on the cable. Most commercial boosters come with an LMR-400 cable which is good for up to 100 feet. Above that, we recommend upgrading to the beefier half-inch, which can run up to around 200 feet. Will vary somewhat depending on outdoor signal strength.

How far will an antenna be able to give me coverage?

It varies greatly depending on your outside signal.

Why does it cost so much to install a booster?

In order to survey the site, purchase the materials, and install the booster itself, time is required. Labor does not come free, unfortunately, but you can be assured that our installers will give you the best service possible.

What is the difference between the Pro 70 and the Pro 70 Plus?

The Pro 70 Plus comes with superior attenuation processes. If you have strong outdoor signal, a Pro 70 Plus is better equipped to handle it, ensuring your booster does not overload.

Can I boost my signal outside of my property?

No, our boosters will only work within an enclosed space.

Why do I need more antennas? The website says the kit comes with everything that I need to cover the sq footage I have.

More antennas grant more coverage. Signal becomes weaker the further away from the antenna it travels. In order to maintain strong signal throughout your building, multiple antennas, strategically placed, may be required.

Do I need to ask for my carriers permission to have this booster? Could I get in trouble for having it?

FCC regulations require you to register your booster with your carrier, but all our boosters are pre-approved, so all you need to do is follow a simple, 5-minute process to let your carrier know about your booster. See more here.