Cell Signal Boosters for Offices

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  • Uniden U70 Hero First Net Cell Signal Booster

    Uniden U70 Hero First Net Cell Signal Booster
    First Net Only 20,000 sq. ft. +70 dB Gain
    • Superior cellular coverage from the leader in wireless technology
    • Crystal clear phone calls and lightning-fast data speeds
    • Professional-grade unit, customizable for any home or office setup
    • +70 dB of gain, automatic gain control
    • Up to 20,000 sq ft of
  • Uniden Ui25 Enterprise Cell Signal Booster

    Uniden Uniden Ui25 Enterprise Cell Signal Booster
    • Uniden’s most popular commercial signal booster
    • Up to 25,000 sq ft of coverage in best conditions, up to +72 dB gain
    • Customize the number and style of antennas to suit any building layout
    • Covers all US carriers and all major bands simultaneously

Avoid Dropped or Missed Calls in the Office With a Signal Booster

Maintaining communications with clients and customers is important for the success of any business, no matter what industry they may be in. However, when your office has a weak signal and recurring WiFi problems, then your employees might experience dropped and missed calls. Rather than contend with a poor cellular signal, install one of our commercial cell phone signal boosters and say goodbye to office dead zones.

We offer a variety of different office building cell phone signal boosters to help businesses like yours avoid dropped calls and maintain effective communications both internally and with clients. An office cell phone booster will detect signals from cell towers and amplify them so that they're broadcasted throughout your entire building. When there's a commercial cellular signal booster in your office, not a single employee desk will be left in a dead zone.

Cell Phone Signal Boosters for Office & Small Business

Reliable Commercial Cellular Signal Booster for Offices and Small Businesses

You can find both big and small business cell phone signal boosters in our selection. Reliable internet and cell reception are important for every business, which is why we're dedicated to helping all companies acquire high-quality commercial cell phone signal boosters for their workplaces.

Part of the reason why cell phone signal boosters for small businesses and large companies are so effective is because they help compensate for any signal-blocking materials. Brick, concrete, and numerous other materials that are commonly used in building construction interfere with signals and weaken them, resulting in poor reception. A big or small business cell phone signal booster will overcome this problem by transmitting the signal it receives throughout the building, ensuring your employees won't have to work with a weak signal.

Benefits of a Cell Signal Booster for Office

As mentioned earlier, cell boosters for office buildings and other workplaces will improve productivity by providing employees with a reliable cellular signal. However, that's far from the only advantage they'll bring — some of the other benefits of cell phone boosters for offices include:

Faster Downloads

Faster Downloads

The stronger a WiFi signal is, the easier it will be to transfer files. This means that having an office cell phone booster will improve the speed that employees can upload and download documents.

No Maintenance

No Maintenance

After installing an office building cell phone signal booster, you won't have to worry about maintaining it — they last for many years, meaning that you can trust them to extend signals throughout your workplace for a long time.

More Battery

More Battery

Your employees won't have to recharge their cellular devices nearly as often when you install a signal booster for office cell phones. Because cell phones need to work harder to find a reliable signal, it ends up using a lot of energy. However, having an office cell phone signal booster will ensure that the mobile devices of your employees won't drain their batteries nearly as quickly.