Bolton Technical Non-Penetrating Adjustable Roof Tripod Sled Mount

SKU: BT459655

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Bolton Non-Penetrating Adjustable Roof Tripod Sled Mount - Hero
  • For difficult-access rooftop sites
  • Non-penetrating roof mount ideal for cellular and other antennas
  • Steel construction. 35" x 32" base.
  • Features adjustable tilt 50” mast with 36” pole extension
  • Concrete blocks not included
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Bolton Technical Non-Penetrating Adjustable Roof Tripod Sled Mount

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About the Bolton Technical Non-Penetrating Adjustable Roof Tripod Sled Mount

This easy-assemble non-penetrating mount works for cellular antennas, TV antennas, parabolic antennas, satellite dishes, wireless internet antennas, weather stations, and many more.

  • Assembly Instructions
    Note: A ½ inch socket wrench is required for setup

  • Step 1: Arrange L-Channel Pieces
    There are six L-Channel bars in the case, labeled #1 and #2. Arrange the two #1 pieces and two of the #2 pieces in a rectangle, then add the remaining #2 pieces in the center.
    NOTE: Make sure the central #2 pieces face away from one another with the central squares

  • Step 2: Secure with carriage bolts and flange nuts.
    Attach the L-Channel bars to one another using included carriage bolts and flange nuts.

  • Step 3: Fasten Brace to Base
    Attach three brace pieces to the rectangle base using carriage bolts and flange nuts.

  • Step 4: Insert and Fasten Pole
    Insert pole between three brace pieces and two central L-Channel bars on base. Rotate as needed to attach pole to all brace pieces and central L-Channel bars using hexbolts and washers.

  • Step 5: Attach Extension Pole, Place Cinder Blocks, and Adjust as Necessary
    The 3-foot extension pole can be easily attached at this point. Cinder blocks should be used to secure the sled mount to a roof, and the angle of the pole can be adjusted as necessary.
    Note: Cinder Blocks not included.

  • Download Assembly Instructions PDF

What's in the box?
  • 2x L-Channel #1
  • 4x L-Channel #2
  • 2x Brace #3
  • 1x Brace #4
  • 11x Carriage-Bolt
  • 11x Flange Nut
  • 1x 3 Ft Pole Extensions
  • 1x 5 Ft Pole
  • 7x Hexbolt M8 x 25
  • 7x Washer M8
Technical Specifications
Bolton Roof Sled Mount
Part # BT459655
Pole Height 96.39"
Base Dimensions 35.23" x 32.52"
Box Dimensions 60" x 5" x 5"

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