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weBoost Connect 4G-X 471104: Most Powerful Home Signal Booster

weBoost Connect 4G-X 471104: Most Powerful Home Signal Booster

The Show Stopper & Magical Performer

The weBoost Connect 4G-X (Model: 471104) is the top-tier and most powerful cell phone signal booster for home by Wilson Electronics.

For cell phone users who consistently drop calls, have poor voice quality, and suffer from slow internet, this is the most advanced solution, especially for poor signal areas like the countryside or remote, rural locations.

Depending on your current outside signal, the weBoost Connect 4G-X is capable of boosting 3G & 4G LTE signals from 2,000 sq ft to 7,500 sq ft, basically an entire home to a much larger home.

Here are the Top 10 Benefits:

  1. Eliminates dropped calls
  2. Crystal clear voice
  3. Quick text messages
  4. Faster uploads & downloads
  5. Reliable connection
  6. Improved reception
  7. Wider coverage
  8. Reduces dead zones
  9. More bars
  10. Longer battery life for phone

weBoost Connect 4G-X Before & After


wilson ag pro 4g 461104


wilson 461104 ag pro 4g full bars

From 1 bar of Sprint 4G LTE to full bars!

Or for the technical, -104 dB to -72 dB or 1585 times the power! More on dB later.

Note: This unit was tested in the outskirts of Houston where cell tower distance, building material, and outside interference (mostly trees) were the probable causes of the low cell phone signal.

The Main Causes of Weak Cell Phone Signal

While some problems could be placed on AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, or Sprint, some of them are actually out of their control. Let's look at the main causes of poor signal conditions and how the weBoost Connect 4G-X signal booster can remedy these problems:

Distance from the Cell Tower

If you live in the countryside or remote & rural areas, this is a big problem. Being far from the cell phone tower means the signal isn’t able to reach your cellular device. Especially when living in valleys surrounded by mountains, this only multiplies the level of interference.

How the weBoost Connect 4G-X helps:

The signal booster is able to reach several thousand feet away to the nearest cell tower and essentially pull in the weak signal.

Outside Interference

For rural folks, these are trees, hills, and mountains. For city folks, these are tall structures, buildings, and other urbanized surroundings. Cell phone signals are basically radio waves (the AM/FM kind). And like radio waves, they’re great at covering long distances but terrible with passing through obstructions.

Like a child with a short attention span, cell waves easily bounce, recoil, and absorb with anything as it travels to your phone. So what starts out strong at the cell tower ends up weak by the time it reaches to you.

How the weBoost Connect 4G-X helps:

The signal booster takes the weak signal & multiples up to 32X, ensuring stronger signals to your phone.

Building Material

Metal. Glass. Concrete Thick walls & insulation. Energy-efficient material.

Even if you live RIGHT next to a carrier tower, your building material & construction has the ability to obstruct and interrupt all of it.

People with this problem will find that a cell phone booster immensely helps in this situation.

How the weBoost Connect 4G-X helps:

Once the signal booster pulls in the existing signal, it passes the raw signal through cables. Which means it bypasses all the building material & obstructions. So no worries about signal blockage or interference.


Yes, even a rainy day, fog, snowstorm, and lightning storm can disrupt your signal.

How the weBoost Connect 4G-X helps:

Like a whistle & school children, the signal booster starts pulling in the signal to get in line.

Other People

So even with average signal already, if other people are around, they're battling you for the same signal, too. Get enough people (dozens to hundreds to thousands) and everyone is fighting for the a sip of water from the well.

How the weBoost Connect 4G-X helps:

Think of a signal booster as a VIP pass. While others are waiting to get signal, a cell phone booster basically lets you go first. So you have first rights to the existing signal from the cell tower.

So these are the main causes of weak signal.

And it only takes ONE of these problems to affect your cell phone. And if you COMBINE any of them?

Endless, endless inconvenience and disruption to your daily life. But help is on the way.

How to Find Your Signal Strength

So just how poor is your signal and more importantly, before putting your hard-earned money into investing a weBoost Connect 4G-X, will it work for you? It all depends on one thing.

Your current outside signal.

Signal boosters are great at amplifying weak signal. But they cannot create it. "Heal the injured, not raise the dead."

And using the number of bars on your phone is a good way to judge cell phone signal strength but not the most accurate. Why?

That's because they’re not scientific. In fact, they’re subjective across all carriers.

There’s no industry standard on cell phone bars & signal strength. For example, what’s 1 bar on Verizon could be 2 bars on AT&T could be 3 bars on T-Mobile DESPITE having the exact same signal and the exact same speeds.

It’s left to your carrier to decide what’s low bars and full bars.

No, sir, we're not going to play that game.

The most accurate and technical way is to look at decibel (dB) reading. Cell phone signals operate at a dB frequency of -50 dB to -110 dB. -50 dB is great signal, full bars. -110 dB is virtually no signal, a dead zone. And everything else in between ranges from having good to average to poor signal.

This dB frequency is true for all cell phones and all carriers. Once you understand your dB reading, then you'll understand just exactly how strong your signal is. The closer to -50 dB, the better.

Here’s how to find your dB Signal

For iPhone Users

  1. Go into Phone Mode
  2. Dial and Call *3001#12345#*
  3. You'll enter Field Test Mode
  4. Drag down your notifications bar and you will see your dB reading in the left-hand corner.

For Android Users

  1. Access Settings
  2. Then General
  3. Go to About Phone
  4. Network or Status
  5. You should see your dB Value

For other phones email us at We’ll see how we can help find your dB reading.

Ok, have you done your dB reading test yet? No? Do it first, we'll wait. Make sure to walk around your home to see where the strongest signal is at.

Ready? Ok, here's a realistic outcome of what kind of coverage you may (and we do mean MAY since all user situations vary from user to user).

dB Reading of weBoost Connect 4G-X

  • -50 dB to - 89 dB: very good to great coverage (3K to 7.5K sq ft)
  • -90 dB to -99 dB: ok to good coverage (2K to 5K sq ft)
  • -100 dB to -110 dB: poor to no coverage (no boost to 1.5K sq ft)

Remember, these are estimates and not final numbers since every user home & situation is unique.

But in short, if you have ok to great signal, the weBoost Connect 4G-X will cover a lot of ground. In fringe areas, it's probably your only option to get any signal although in limited coverage.

Just think of signal boosters like a megaphone. A boosted whisper is better than a whisper but not better than a hearty shout.

How a weBoost Connect 4G-X Can Help You

So if you have any of the following problems:

  • Dropped calls
  • Poor voice
  • Slow internet
  • Stuck text messages
  • Spotty coverage
  • Low cell phone bars

The weBoost Connect 4G-X can solve all them. It works for ALL phones & ALL carriers. Yes, AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile and even Canadian carriers like Bell, Rogers, and Telus. And yes, iPhone, Galaxy, Kindle, tablets, smartphones, laptops, etc. If it uses cellular frequency (2G, 3G, and 4G), it will work with a signal booster.

Here's how the weBoost Connect 4G-X works:

Outside Antenna

The outside antenna is a uni-directional antenna. It points one way and pulls signal in at a 45-degree angle. Because of such a narrow and high degree of concentration, it reaches very far into the distance to pull in the existing outside signal from the cell tower.


The amplifier boosts the signal up to +70 dB. Just how powerful is +70 dB? dB power is measured exponentially. In fact, a +3 dB gain is double the power. For example, our most powerful car signal boosters top out at +50 dB. The difference between the car booster and the Connect 4G-X is +20 dB or 100X the power. Yes, that's correct. 100X the power.

Inside Antenna

The inside antenna is a panel that hangs on the wall. Once the signal is boosted, it is sent to this antenna to rebroadcast the enhanced signal throughout your home. Depending on the outside signal, coverage varies from 2,000 sq ft to 7,500 sq ft.


Cables connect the antennas to the amplifier. LMR400-like cables called Wilson400 allow for low loss of boosted signal. This ensures for minimal lost as it travels from outside antenna to amplifier to inside antenna. Very high quality cables with N-Connectors.

Installation of the weBoost Connect 4G-X

Installation is straight forward and will take 30 minutes to an hour or two depending your level of handiness.

First, the outside antenna needs to be installed. The higher, the better. Many homes come with pre-existing antenna poles. Many of our customers also purchase a pole mount assembly to attach to roof fascia or any high point of the home.

It's important to find out the location of your cell tower by performing the dB test listed above. That way you have a general idea about where your cell tower location is at. There are also other websites & apps you could use to double-check your cell tower location.

Second, the amplifier should be placed somewhere near a power outlet to be installed. Since the amplifier only boosts signal, it can be placed anywhere as long as it's away from excessive heat with plenty of breathing room.

And finally, the inside antenna needs to be mounted on the wall to an area where most cell phone use will occur. It's recommended to have at least 20 feet vertical or 50 feet horizontal separation between the outside and inside antenna. That's because you don't want the outside antenna to pick up signal from the inside antenna, which creates oscillation like a snake eating its own tail.

So separation is important and it's equally important to do a soft install first, meaning don't finalize all installation until after you get your desired results. It'll look a little messy, but you can tidy up afterward. The most important thing is to get the best cell phone reception boost first.

Probably the most difficult process is running cable. Luckily, if you already have a pre-existing cable line (from an old Direct TV, satellite or cable installation), you could use it to ease the installation process. However, if you rather would have a professional deal with installation, any general profession that works with cables like an electrician, cable tv installer, home technician, or general handyman can install with much ease.

If you are looking for installers in your area or have any questions, email and we'll help find someone who can assist you.

Once everything is in placed and the cables are connected, you turn on the amplifier. It takes a few seconds to load up and once you have green lights, it means you're getting boosted signal. Either look at the increased number of bars or look at the increased dB gain to confirm how much boost you're getting.

Recommended Accessories

Lightning Surge Protector

The best insurance for the weBoost Connect 4G-X.

If you live in an area with frequent thunderstorms or suffer from constant power surges. Then it's recommended to protect your amplifier with a lightning surge protector. It goes between your outside antenna and amplifier. Should lightning strike your outside antenna, the Lightning surge protector will safeguard your amplifier from power surges and lightning strike damage.

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Competition & Other Models

The direct competitor to the weBoost Connect 4G-X is the SureCall Fusion5s.

Both models boost 3G & 4G LTE for all carriers & all cellular devices. Both are similarly priced. The SureCall Fusion 5s is made of metal for better dissipating heat and it comes with a 3-year warranty. However, the weBoost Connect 4G-X covers more sq ft (7,500 compared to 6,000) and is designed and assembled in America for the highest quality assurance.

Another alternative is the weBoost Connect 4G, the baby brother. It's exactly like the Connect 4G-X, except for coverage topping out at 5,000 sq ft. So if you currently have an average to good signal outside and building material is the number one culprit of your poor signal, this is a very good choice.

And if you need professional grade coverage (from 10,000 sq ft to 50,000 sq ft), I'd recommend checking out the Wilson Pro 70


Overview of the weBoost Connect 4G-X:

  • Boosts talk, text, internet, 3G and 4G LTE Data
  • Wilson Electronics most powerful home signal booster
  • From 2,000 to 7,500 sq ft coverage (from small home to large home coverage)
  • Up to +70 dB Gain
  • $899.99
  • Free shipping, ships same day
  • No taxes outside Texas
  • 2-year manufacturer's warranty
  • 30-day like-it-or-send-it-back easy returns
  • Customer support (certified signal boosting experts)
  • Lifetime technical support for any of your questions

If you live in an extremely fringe area with spotty signal and inconsistent coverage, the weBoost Connect 4G-X is your best solution. Although a bit pricey, it's backed by quality engineering made by the leading providers of cell phone signal boosters.

And considering how dependent we are with our cell phones these days, it's a worthwhile investment to ensure steady connections and avoiding the pitfalls of dropped calls and unreliable reception. What you need is dependable signal and a life with no interruptions. Whether for life, convenience, business, and even emergencies, the weBoost Connect 4G-X keeps you connected instantly.

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10th Mar 2016

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