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Public Safety Signal Boosters

For firefighters, police, EMS and other first responders having dependable radio signal inside the whole building is more than about compliance, it's about safety too.

NFPA, IFC, & First-Net compliant

Compliant with all major fire safety regulations. Future-proof.

Meets all Local Standards

From federal to state to municipal laws, our Public Safety DAS signal boosters fulfill any requirements.

Works for all First Responders

Firefighters, police, EMS, etc. All our public safety defenders are protected from all security threats.

Why Public Safety Codes Are Becoming A Bigger Priority?

During times of emergency, especially without power, instant communication is an absolute necessity.

Without clear communication, chaos ensues: People in dire need of safety aren’t able to relay critical information. First responders like police and firefighters aren’t able to prioritize rescue areas. Emergency support & recovery efforts are severely delayed.

Public Safety & Mandatory Standards

As with fire sprinkler systems, smoke alarms, and accessibility, reliable cellular coverage is no longer an optional feature but an essential component to everyday work & life standards.

NFPA requirements for public safety include:

  • 95-99% in-building cellular coverage.
  • Minimum -95 dBm signal strength for Public Safety Frequency Bands.
  • Nema 4 or 4x enclosures to house important radio equipment & be wind, dust, and waterproof.
  • Some system require real-time monitoring system, failure alarm systems & 12-hours battery backup.
  • Customizable frequency adjustment for future public safety requirements like FirstNet.

Solutions For Improved Public Safety Signal Compliance

In-building Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) is one of the fastest-growing enterprise solutions. Basically, a DAS system is a network of antennas with a central amplifying system that enhances First Responder public safety frequencies.

While there are many different types of DAS technologies, the two leading Public Safety DAS tech are Active DAS and Passive DAS for in-building cellular amplification.

While both have the same objective to boost public safety radio frequency, there are differences between the two systems that need to be considered when selecting the right solution.

It’s best to contact our public signal experts about the best solutions for your public safety needs.

For more information please check out our blog post on Public Safety Codes and Signal Booster Solutions

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