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weBoost (Wilson) 951120 RG-58 N-Male / FME-Female | 10ft Blk

Wilson Electronics

Wilson 951120 10-Foot Black Extension Cable RG58U Low Loss Foam Coaxial w/ N-Male to FME Female Connectors, main
$19.95 $24.95 No tax for orders outside Texas.
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weBoost (Wilson) 951120 RG-58 N-Male / FME-Female | 10ft Blk
$19.95 $24.95 No tax for orders outside Texas.

weBoost (Wilson Electronics) 951120 RG-58 N-Male / FME-Female 10ft Black Cable

This item has been discontinued. For the updated version please look at the weBoost (Wilson) 955812 RG58 Extension N-Male to SMA-Male | 10f t Black Cable

Quick Summary

  • For indoor or outdoor use
  • Attenuates signal less than 1 dB
  • N-Male / FME-Female Connectors


The Wilson 951120 is a 10 ft RG58U low-loss coaxial cable and is fitted with N-Male to FME-Female Connectors. This indoor/outdoor 3/16 inch cable allows for connections between the amplifier to both inside or outside antennas.


  • Indoor/outdoor cable for connections between the amplifier to both inside or outside antennas.

Package Includes:

  • Wilson 951120 10-Foot RG58 Low-Loss Extension Coaxial Cable - Black
Technical Specifications
LENGTH 10 Feet
SIZE 3/16"
CONNECTOR N-Male to FME- Female
LOSS PER 10 FEET (800 MHz) 1.0 dB
LOSS PER 10 FEET (1900 MHz) 2.66 dB

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