Luxury Department Store:
New York City, NY


A high-end luxury New York City department store opened its remodeled Manhattan location in Chelsea Market.



Installation Type:

In-Building Cellular Solution

Building Size:

50,000 sq. ft.

NYC Luxury Department Store Boosts Cell Signal Coverage with WilsonPro.

When a luxury New York City department store announced in 2013 that its remodeled flagship location would open in Chelsea in its original 1923 location, shoppers rejoiced. Store officials planned for a modernized version of the beloved Big Apple brand, with a contemporary design and updated technological amenities.

Yet, the age of the building and the modern materials used in the renovation created challenges when it came to achieving cellular coverage inside the building.


The reconstruction project was already well underway when the store managers realized the problem. Sales associates would need to use cellular connections for on-the-spot customer checkout, and guests on all carriers would need the ability to call, text, and access data while inside the store.

To boost cell service on every carrier network while accommodating strict design specifications in the 1920’s building meant meeting a tight deadline, as well as overcoming challenges like:

  • Structural elements: 90-year-old brick and concrete and modern elements like marble and glass, obstructed the existing cell signals from entering the building
  • Few windows: donor antennas had to be strategically placed in order to communicate with cell towers and pick up existing signals.
  • Vast interior space: a floorplan of 50,000 square feet over four floors.
  • Strict design requirements: The look and feel of the store was a paramount importance and any antennas and wires needed to be completely hidden.


Installers knew they would need multiple cell boosters designed for large commercial spaces in order to generate seamless cellular coverage and data transfer capability. They recommended WilsonPro 70 Plus signal boosters for the job.

With a very tight deadline approaching, the integration technicians worked with the store's IT team to develop a fast and efficient solution with four floors of coverage done in less than a week's time.


From start to finish, the entire installation took only four days, and was completed just as the department store opened its doors to customers.

By the time customers began flocking to the department store, they were able to send and receive mobile phone calls, texts,and access cellular data from every floor without a problem. Plus, the store clerks used their tablets to access the network for faster customer service and sales processing.

Despite all the challenges, the experienced installation team and powerful cell signal booster technology came to the rescue.

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