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SignalBoosters.com: SOLiD and RanPlan Wireless Certified

SignalBoosters.com: SOLiD and RanPlan Wireless Certified

Industry leader certified with industry-leading partners & tools

SignalBoosters.com has recently completed certification with SOLiD and RanPlan Wireless.

This enables the SignalBoosters.com Install Pro Team to accurately design systems for virtually any venue of any size but to also have access to SOLiD's world-leading DAS equipment for indoor and outdoor cellular solutions.

SOLiD and its wireless network solutions power cellular coverage and capacity at hospitals; sports and entertainment venues; government, university and corporate buildings and campuses; international airports and metropolitan subways; and other high-profile sites around the world.

RanPlan Wireless is a leading software tool for outdoor/indoor wireless network planning, design and optimization, using advanced 3D in-building modeling and 3D RF propagation and simulation. This provides designers, integrators, carriers, and customers comprehensive predictability of cellular frequency interaction within the building and environment.

Interested in improving cellular, wifi, and IoT coverage in your building? Learn more with our Design & Installation services:

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Jimmy N
17th May 2018

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