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SignalBoosters First TV Commercial Airs: Bikers, Boosters and More.

SignalBoosters First TV Commercial Airs: Bikers, Boosters and More.

Shortly after being named an Inc 500 Fastest Growing Company, SignalBoosters continues pushing into new markets and is poised to go from niche to necessity. As more customers forgo broadband internet and just rely on cellular internet as their main source of connection, having full bars and great signal is more important than ever.

The company is releasing two videos on local broadcast television this week that educate consumers about the convenience and power of cell phone signal boosters, electronic devices that boost 3G & 4G LTE signals in poor signal areas in the city and countryside. One video showcases the product.

While the other is a conceptual piece that shows the value of having a cell phone signal in an emergency situation. Many thanks to our local biking friends who volunteered their time in return for a donation to Boys and Girls Country, a local Houston charity. Both videos & more can be seen at  SignalBooster's Video Page and Channel 11 KHOU Houston.

Behind the Scenes

Below are some Behind The Scenes shot during the making of the video:

More information about cell phone boosters can be found at  Cell Phone Signal Booster Support Center.

Thanks to the Adam and the team at Imaging Studios Films for their great work.

About Signal Boosters

Signal Boosters, provides 3G & 4G solutions to weak signal areas. Signal Boosters serves US and Canada and has solutions for a variety of situations from single room to commercial buildings. Clients include Nike, Microsoft, Chevron, GE, Campbell Soup, and many more. For more information, visit signalboosters.com or email (sales@signalboosters.com) or call 1-800-568-2723.

29th Oct 2015

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