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Join Us: Houston Public Safety Radio Booster System Code Training

Join Us: Houston Public Safety Radio Booster System Code Training

On November 29th 2017, join Safer Buildings Coalition, SignalBoosters, and Comba Telecom as we discuss about Public Safety In-Building Radio Booster Systems and how they apply to IFC and NFPA 72 & 1221 codes.

This training event led by Chief Alan Perdue (Ret.) will provide fire code officials and other AHJs in-depth knowledge about model codes regarding in-building public safety communications systems.

Here's what we're doing:

  • Locate, interpret, and apply model coderequirements on the job
  • Understand and apply requirements for circuits, pathways, backup power, redundancy, and signal quality
  • Understand basic RF and the function of Public Safety RF Booster System components
  • Review actual Public Safety RF Booster System design plans. Identify common design errors or non-compliance. Make Corrections. Assure Code Compliance
  • Participate in Round Table discussion covering best practices and lessons learned
  • Equipment Displays and Demonstrations
  • AHJ Community Discussion - Best Practices, Lessons Learned

About Safer Buildings Coalition

Safer Buildings' primary mission is to ensure that First Responders (Fire, Law Enforcement and EMS) can use state-of-the-art voice and data communications to communicate with one another inside buildings as well as to and from their Command Centers outside buildings during an event. Safer Buildings also advocates for the public's cellular service inside buildings to function at levels necessary for making critical calls.

We are working with stakeholders to propose changes to model fire codes produced by the International Code Council (ICC) and the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) related to Public Safety communication within buildings. We will propose improvements to the code and remain active throughout all the phases of the code development processes. Model ordinances consistent with the codes that may be used by Authorities Having Jurisdiction (AHJs) now will also be drafted. In addition we will create and teach a wireless communication technology course and provide an online repository of public safety wireless information, and encourage collaboration among our Members on the goal of improving in-building communication for Public Safety.




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James N
2nd Nov 2017

Table of Contents:

    The Signal Boosters Advantage
    No Minimum Purchase
    Money-Back Guarantee
    Technical Support

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