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It's Not Your Carrier, It's Your Building [Infographic]

It's Not Your Carrier, It's Your Building [Infographic]

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It's a common hot mess for all us.

Waving your phone in the air, begging for a bar, mumbling and cursing Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile or your carrier about your spotty reception.

Heck yes you should feel angry about paying your monthly bills and getting shoddy coverage. But, put down your pitch forks and hear me out, sometimes, it's not the carrier's fault that you're not getting any service.

Most likely it's your building material blocking cellular signal from coming in.

Try This Simple Test

Walk outside your home right now.

Stand a few feet away from the front door with a clear opening.

Do you have signal? Can you make a call, download an email or text message someone?

If no, then this is either a carrier problem or your environment like tall trees, mountains or tall buildings is interrupting your reception. If yes, then walk inside into the center of your home.

Now do you have signal or can make a call or surf the web? If it's now a no, then [dis]congratulations, your cell service reaches to your doorstep but not inside your home because your building material has completely shut it off.

Top 7 In-Building Interference That Absolutely Kill Your Cell Service

Quick Summary:

  1. Metal: The number 1 culprit of poor cell signal. Anything metal can disrupt your cell service.
  2. Low E-Glass: Green homes keep out the heat but also 4G signals.
  3. Brick/Concrete: The big bad wolf can't huff and puff and get inside and so can't reception.
  4. Plaster/Drywall: Doesn't completely stop cellular signal but does weaken it.
  5. Wood: Depending on the thickness of the wood, it's capable of absorbing signal.
  6. Thick Walls: Open internal spaces means open signal. Thick walls, however, limit coverage.
  7. Electromagnetic Interference: Any machine that emits RF noise potentially disrupts cell service.

Continue checking out the infographic for more details:

its not your carrier its your building

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Is There a Solution to All This?


As mobile devices and the internet mature, more people are dependent on getting service on demand. Many people and companies are relying on consumer & commercial signal boosters to bypass all the interference listed above to provide quality cellular service and reliable reception for their homes, businesses, and vehicles. provides professional turnkey installation for commercial buildings and home & vehicle solutions for everyday people.

We offer complete cell phone signal booster kits for any situation:
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James N
18th Jul 2018

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